Introducing Age Checks for Gaming

At PlayGG, we’re introducing a new toolset for game builders that will improve their bottom line and help alleviate regulatory litigation. Civic Age Check Pass is designed to help satisfy age-related requirements, such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which requires parents to have control regarding what information is collected from children under 13.

The new toolset comes at a moment in time when COPPA violations are making headlines. Recently, the FTC levied significant penalties against industry-leading gaming companies for violating COPPA by collecting information from minors. The fines are crushing: a $520 million penalty for Epic Games and a $20 million fine for Microsoft Xbox Live. In addition to the fines, the gaming companies accrued legal fees and drained employee resources. For smaller start-ups, similar penalties could have more catastrophic business consequences. These expensive messes could have easily been avoided with simple protocols in place to meet the requirements.

Civic Age Check Pass includes a variety of options to meet the growing needs of the on-chain gaming community. The suite of tools leverages the enterprise-grade Civic Pass Platform and includes self-attestation, biometric age estimation, and a full identity verification (ID documents). Designed to reduce user friction, Civic Pass allows for in-game verification. Additionally, the age verification is available to determine whether a user is more than 13, 18 and 21 years of age.

Civic Age Check Pass joins a host of other Civic Pass products developed for all dApps, including the gaming community. A Civic Pass is an on-chain attestation of requirements that allows users to access a dApp’s protocol or services. It’s a non-transferable access token that a dApp may issue, freeze or revoke with our enterprise-grade Civic Pass Platform. In addition to checking age, Civic Pass can verify liveness, uniqueness, location, ID documents and more. Civic Pass is available on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and XDC. 

As a multichain, wallet-agnostic identity and access management solution (IAM), Civic Pass Platform was built for smart contracts, dApps, and Web2 companies entering blockchain. It allows dApps to manage user access to their protocol and services with Civic Pass, according to their set of requirements. DApps may also set up custom requirements for identity and access management, if desired.

We’re delighted to introduce Civic Age Check Pass and other Civic Pass products to the gaming community, and look forward to getting more feedback from builders at PlayGG.

Ready to integrate Civic Age Check Pass? Check out our docs or see our Pricing page for more options.


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