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Tokenized Identity: A Bigger Stake in the Web3 Game with Corey Wright, CEO, Honeyland

In this episode of Tokenized Identity, Titus Capilnean, our VP of Go-To-Market, chats with Corey Wright, CEO of Honeyland, on why games are better with web3. Hint: When players have more ownership over their in-game destinies, engagement goes up.

If you’re not familiar with Honeyland, it’s a play and own mobile game built on Solana. After only a year on app stores globally, the game has more than 20,000 daily active players. Within the game, you can mint, buy, sell and trade NFTs through a marketplace using their own cryptocurrency. You can also buy the crypto as an in-app purchase with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

In web3 games, there’s an idea of ownership and value – the value creation inside the game. When there are players with 100 accounts, that imbalance can ruin the economy within the game. So, partnering with Civic to determine unique humans was a big unlock for dynamics within Honeyland.

Tokenized Identity: A Bigger Stake in the Web3 Game

0:00 Welcome

1:18 What is Honeyland?

5:28 Using Civic for Honeyland’s airdrop

10:53 What defines a web3 game?

13:52 Security risks in web3 gaming

17:32 Developing Honeyland’s brand

20:27 How is Honeyland bringing in web2 players in a web3 space?

29:05 What can other industries learn from web3 gaming?

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