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KYC made easy​

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Use Civic Pass to verify and tokenize aspects of a member's real-world identity. Let users in your dApp by defining access requirements such as age, location, humanity and more.

Sybil and AI resistance for
Online Communities

Require a live video selfie from the user that will be matched to their corresponding wallet. Checks for:

Sybil and AI resistance for
Access Control

Compliance for
Real World Assets (RWAs)

Require a user to meet any number of checks prior to being allowed access. Check for:

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Integrate Civic Pass in minutes, all while giving your users a speedy onboarding experience that they'll love.

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Multichain and multiwallet

Seamless integration for your dApp. Your users spend minimal time undergoing verification, allowing them to get back to what’s important.

Unrivaled protection

Keeping your information safe is our top priority. To do this, we leverage advanced strategies, including blockchain, encryption, and strong data protection policies.

GDPR Compliant

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A Civic Pass is a non-transferrable token that represents a user’s identity and lives in their wallet.

Civic Pass serves as the gatekeeper for your dApp, allowing for access control based on requirements such as age, location, humanity and more.

Because Civic Passes are tied to users’ wallets and non-transferable, checking for the presence of a pass ensures that only the right users can gain access to your dApp.

See our verification costs here.

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