Identity Verification by Civic

Meet KYC & AML requirements with Civic’s SaaS compliance tools for decentralized finance (DeFi), public blockchains, NFTs, and businesses.

  • Permissioned

    Attract the right users and reduce risk with better access control.

  • Trusted

    AI-powered identity verification combined with ongoing monitoring.

  • Fast

    Seamless onboarding in minutes from a mobile app.

Civic for DeFi, public blockchains, and NFTs

Liquidity providers, dApp developers, and institutional participants can assess and manage risk while creating trust in the DeFi ecosystem with Civic’s SaaS compliance tools:

  • Global identity verification
  • Watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring
  • Ongoing IP-based location checks
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Setting the standard for permissioned DeFi

Civic for DeFi enables compliance in real time instead of simply white- or black-listing bad actors. Because identity is verified once and then dynamically checked, Civic offers faster, more accurate verification.

Serving liquidity providers and dApp developers

  • Set requirements for vetting counterparties and restricting access
  • Supports crypto exchanges, DEXes, and dApps
  • Paves the way for institutional participation

Identity Verification for Businesses

AI-powered identity verification combined with human review to ensure that your users are real, always.

Email and liveness verification, biometrics, and a passcode-protected app all designed to keep bad actors out.

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Serving businesses that need compliance fast

  • Global identity verification support for 4,500 documents across 195 countries
  • Broad range of services for KYC, age verification, and login/multi-factor authentication (MFA)
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