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Protect your personal information.

Store your money, including crypto, safely.


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Finally, an easier way to manage your money

Civic Wallet, with our partners, gives you the flexibility to transition between traditional currencies and crypto (coming soon).

Your money, only smarter

With access to more financial tools on the blockchain, you can take more control of your money and grow your money with higher interest rates.

Financial flexibility without oversharing your identity

Share only the personally identifiable information needed by financial providers and nothing more for better identity protection.

Your identity, only safer

Verify your identity once, and use it again and again. Use your verification to sign up for new accounts, confirm your age, and much more. Civic gives you the flexibility to only share your identity information with companies you trust.

Tap into the next generation of financial products

With new blockchain-based options, there are more ways than ever to spend and grow your money.

Your choice, only more of it

Enjoy freedom and peace of mind, no matter your lifestyle. With flexibility to manage your funds between currencies, including crypto, you’ll access a world of new possibilities.

Your gateway to managing digital money and identity

  • Store


    Bring your own crypto. Store BTC, ETH, and CVC in your wallet.

  • Verify


    Prove your identity and make a payment in one transaction.

  • Secure


    Gain peace of mind knowing that your wallet is safely backed up.

  • Pay


    Pay friends and family in crypto in just a few clicks.

  • Buy


    Add cryptocurrencies to your wallet.

  • Log in (coming soon)

    Log in (coming soon)

    Log in or prove your identity in apps, on websites, and at merchants.

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Civic uses identity.com’s open-source, blockchain-based ecosystem to verify credentials.

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