Protect your crypto from loss

If you ever lose your phone, your crypto is protected by our $1 Million USD Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee.

Your money, protected

If you lose access to your crypto because of a lost phone or a failure on the part of Civic, you’ll be protected by our $1 Million USD Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee.* 


And, there are no more passwords, seed phrases or other information to remember.


*Full terms & conditions

Flexibility without oversharing your identity

Share only the personally identifiable information needed to verify you and nothing more.

Your identity, only safer

Verify your identity once, and use it again and again. Civic gives you the flexibility to only share your identity information with companies you trust. Protecting your privacy is your priority. It’s ours too.

Your gateway to managing digital money and identity

  • Verify


    Prove your identity without compromising your privacy.

  • Store


    Bring in your own crypto including Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, and Civic.

  • Protect


    Gain peace of mind thanks to multisig technology and fund protection guarantee. 

  • Pay


    Send funds to friends and family instantly with just a few taps.

Meet our network of trusted partners


Civic uses’s open-source, blockchain-based ecosystem to verify credentials.

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