Tokenized Identity: Identity Reimagined with Lasha Antadze, Co-Founder, Rarilabs

In this episode of Tokenized Identity, a new podcast by Civic, Titus Capilnean, VP of GTM at Civic, chats with Lasha Antadze, co-founder of Rarilabs, about how identity can help us achieve great successes together.

If you’re not familiar with Rarilabs, it’s building a privacy-first zero-knowledge social protocol, Rarimo. It uses a confidential social graph of the history, relationship networks, and different kinds of different identity uses across the ecosystem. Only a user is able to reveal certain relationships between the objects, time-wise, or the different attributes of identities. 

The applications of this work get exciting quickly when it comes to bringing more fairness to voting. Rarilabs is working on technology that allows people to prove their eligibility to vote, their own age, or being a citizen of a certain country — all without actually disclosing any of their information.

Tokenized Identity: Identity Reimagined

00:00 Welcome to the Tokenized Identity podcast

00:52 Introducing Lasha Antadze, co-founder of Rarilabs and Rarimo

05:44 Zero knowledge proofs (ZKP) with biometric passports

08:04 How can ZKP be used in voting?

12:49 What’s actually being shared in a ZKP?

15:28 Programmable airdrops and humanitarian aid

19:57 What are you most excited about in the identity space right now?

26:45 Other risks in the identity space and how tokenization can help

31:50 Proof of Personhood and combating AI fraud

42:01 Wrapping up

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