Civic BrandGuidelines

You may include these official assets on your webpage, application or in printed materials if you have obtained prior consent from someone on our team.


Color is one of the best ways for people to recognize the Civic brand. Please avoid the use of colors outside of the below to represent Civic.

Civic Orange
C:0 M:63 Y:72 K:0

Civic Nude
C:0 M:43 Y:40 K:0

Civic Yellow
C:0 M:6 Y:53 K:0

Civic Dark
C:53 M:91 Y:21 K:72


Civic's font is Inter. You may choose the font, font weight, and kerning that matches your own brand's style.

Clear space

When you're using the Civic logo with other graphic elements, leave clear space around the logo that is equal to at least 1/3rd of the height of the icon. Display the Civic icon no smaller than 16px.