Civic Welcomes: Maja Vujinovic, J.D.

Civic is proud to introduce Maja Vujinovic as the newest member of the Civic board, where she will assist with strategic guidance and execution.

Maja brings a wealth of experience to her role with Civic including 15+ years of experience in identifying technology trends, cultivating world-class teams, and scaling products. Maja is uniquely qualified as a board member of Civic, having witnessed the identity industry evolve from multiple sectors such as government, telecom, and crypto since 2005. Maja is an authority in cryptocurrency innovations, digital transformation, future of work, and expertly grasps the complex philosophical relationships between machines and humans, real world implementation, and the importance of our digital identities.

For over eight years, Maja has lived and worked across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States, acquiring and developing diverse tech and infrastructure assets, making her a strong thought leader and expert advisor on a wide range of topics and cultural perspectives. As a CIO at General Electric, Maja was a catalyst for GE, integrating blockchain and AI across a variety of businesses, inspiring several successful pilots and customer engagements. Since 2007, Maja has been an active investor across a variety of digital asset projects, covering centralized exchanges, DeFi protocols, stablecoin projects such as Reserve, and platforms like Securitize.

As Maja now adds “Board Member of Civic” to her impressive list of accomplishments and experience, she also retains her positions on the advisory boards of CoinDesk and Prism Global Partners, as ambassador to Global Blockchain Business Council for the Balkan region, and as a member of Satoshi’s roundtable. She is also a frequent speaker in front of business heads across Brazil, Japan, Europe, US and gatherings like Davos.

In short, Maja’s a genius, a hacker, and a lawyer who can help to expertly navigate Civic down the path to be the premier provider for on-chain identity in the Web 3 world, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the family, where she will play a critical role in our continued success.


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