Introducing New Tools for Creators to Build Trusted Communities

Building trust within an NFT community is tough. The NFT world is rife with scam stories about bots, rug pulls and bad actors, making it hard for buyers to trust good projects. Even worse, there are only limited tools available to combat these threats.

That’s why we’re proud to present an innovative suite of tools as an end-to-end solution that takes every step of the NFT lifecycle into account, helping creators prove authorship, protect their mints against bots, build more reliable communities, and create members-only experiences. 

Creators can get started immediately by verifying their identities, pseudonymous-identities, and projects — they may simply go to our Discord server to get verified through our new automated Civic Pass portal. With Civic Pass, creators are also able to confirm that participants are legitimate buyers, not bots. And coming soon, creators will also be able to verify that community members in their Discord servers hold certain NFTs in their wallet. This feature will allow creators to offer members-only experiences.

Our goal is to make the process of building trust easier and more effective for creators. With that in mind, we’re sharing an overview of our plan to address the pain points of creators and marketplaces in the NFT space using identity tools.

1.     Build trust: Get verified by Civic

The first step for NFT teams or creators is to get verified with the Verified by Civic Pass program.

Our NFT identity verification process includes biometric liveness checks, KYC and sanctions screening, Twitter handles and ownership of project websites. Once completed, Civic will announce that creators have been fully verified. This helps establish trust with potential buyers and community members. We’ve verified over a dozen projects, and we’ll have more product developments in this area in 2022.

2.     Issue your NFT collection: Defeat bots and create member whitelists

Coming soon, Civic Pass will be integrated with Metaplex’s Candy Machine and Fair Launch Protocol (FLP), the leading Solana protocols for minting, to add on-chain real-person verification. Civic Pass TokenGuard is fully compatible with Metaplex’s Token Metadata standard, so tokens remain fully compatible with wallets and secondary marketplaces. Creators can use Civic Pass TokenGuard to confirm that mint participants are legitimate buyers, not bots.

Freedom and security shouldn’t just be limited to creators, so Civic is creating a Discord bot to keep the community spaces fair and secure by providing industry-leading whitelisting tools. Our Discord bot will offer a standardized process, including a liveness check, for verifying participants within the Discord community. 

3.      Create members-only experiences and gated experiences for DAOs

Soon, we will be enabling gated, members-only experiences with proof of NFT ownership. Using Civic Pass, community members will be able to enter Discord servers by holding certain NFTs in their wallets. And, the same NFT in combination with Civic Pass will enable a related decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to prove that members meet its requirements. With these tools, community members can start shaping communities that feel more meaningful. 

We are excited to offer these tools to the NFT and DeFi communities because we believe identity verification is vital to safeguarding digital assets as they become more widely adopted.

Our Developer Hub is a great place for developers to start integrating Civic’s NFT solutions into their projects. And, verifying upcoming NFT drops and mints is easily started on Discord


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