Civic Launches Proof of Personhood to Meet the Coming AI Boom on Solana

More Than 62,000 Unique Individuals Have Already Established Their Proof of Personhood

SAN FRANCISCO (October 25, 2023) — Civic, the leading provider of on-chain digital identity services, today announced Proof of Personhood for dApps building on Solana. To establish Proof of Personhood, an individual wallet is identified as belonging to a unique human. Wallet owners complete a live video selfie to prove their personhood. The owners re-authenticate periodically to maintain a high degree of certainty that the wallet is not later associated with an AI agent or bot. This process provides a more effective way for dApps to screen out AI and protect their services from abuse.

“In a world where it’s increasingly challenging to understand who or what may be on the other side of a transaction or even a social media post, we believe that our take on solving the unique-human problem offers essential benefits for the ecosystem,” said Chris Hart, CEO of Civic. “It’s a win for both human users and dApps — offering privacy, flexibility and an assurance level both dApps and users are beginning to insist upon.”

Proof of Personhood fits neatly into Civic’s suite of identity and access management tools, called the Civic Pass Platform. To date, nearly 600,000 Civic Passes have been issued, and more than 62,000 unique individuals have already established their Proof of Personhood across Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Fantom and XDC.

Proof of Personhood was designed for organizations that need a high degree of certainty around whether a wallet is operated by AI, including trading bot suppression, Sybil resistance and DAO voting. For dApps building trust within their communities, Proof of Personhood establishes assurance around community members’ humanity. Proof of Personhood can be established and managed on-chain, given Solana’s fast speed and low gas fees.

Proof of Personhood, and all Civic Passes, are advanced soulbound tokens (SBTs) that are issued after a user’s credentials are verified and reside within a user’s wallet. A Civic Pass can be managed by users on, Civic’s identity management consumer platform. Users may also add and link wallets to their digital identity on the platform. dApps may manage user access to their services with the Civic Pass Platform, according to preset or custom requirements. Custom Civic Passes may be issued, frozen and revoked on a Civic dashboard. The Civic Pass product suite includes CAPTCHA, liveness, uniqueness, age, location, identity document and custom verifications. Civic Pass is supported on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, Arbitrum, XDC, and Fantom.

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