Civic Pass is now available on Gitcoin Passport

We are delighted to announce that we’ve collaborated with Gitcoin to make Civic Pass available on Gitcoin Passport. Passport makes it easy for users to collect different pieces of their identity on the internet into a single place in order to earn trust and access to digital experiences. 

If a user has a Civic Pass, it will now be factored into Gitcoin’s reputation score. Companies that rely on Gitcoin Passport to determine user reputation can take advantage of this integration. Using tools like Gitcoin Passport and Civic Pass allow dApps to build strong communities with more trusted members.

Since 2017, Gitcoin has been building tools that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters to them. By collecting “stamps” of validation for an identity and online reputation, users can gain access to the most trustworthy Web3 experiences and maximize their ability to benefit from platforms like Gitcoin Grants. The more pieces of evidence of identity and reputation, “stamps,” that a user collects, the easier it is for project and community leaders to trust a user’s identity. Stamps are aggregated into a Passport score, which can be used by apps to control access to their content. Users can improve their scores by collecting more stamps.

A Civic Pass is an on-chain attestation of requirements that allows users to access a dApp’s protocol or services. For Gitcoin Passport, Civic performs verification, issuance and lifecycle management of CAPTCHA, liveness and uniqueness through Civic Identity Verification Services. CAPTCHA and liveness verifications primarily determine whether or not a wallet is being operated by a live human. Uniqueness verification confirms that one human is connected to one wallet in order to promote overall fairness within a community. For example, uniqueness verification can be used to ensure that whales are not scooping up NFT inventory during a mint.  Civic Pass is available on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Casper and XDC.

Civic Pass Platform, the technology that supports Civic Pass, was built for smart contracts, dApps, and Web2 companies entering blockchain. Civic Pass Platform is a multichain, wallet-agnostic identity and access management solution. It allows dApps to manage user access to their protocol and services with Civic Pass, according to their set of requirements. DApps may also set up custom requirements for identity and access management, if desired.

Are you using Civic Pass on Gitcoin Passport? We’d love to find out how it’s going. Hit us up on Discord and tell us what’s working for you!


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