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Guess what? We’re thrilled to let you know we’ve joined the Optimism community! 

If you’re tired of dealing with dApp security challenges, Civic Pass may help solve some of your issues. 

Whether you’re battling botting during live events, NFT mints, or airdrops, or grappling with fraud and spam, securing your blockchain community can feel like navigating a maze.

We’ve got your back with Civic Pass, a versatile shield for digital identities. It’s your one-stop solution to protect your community from all angles, without the hassle of piecing together multiple vendor solutions.

We’ve been there for countless startups facing issues that digital identity can help fix. Plus, we’re backed by knowledge that only the experience of issuing more than 700,000 Civic Passes and assisting 570 projects can provide.

Here are some of the problems Civic Pass can help solve:

  • Botting headaches during live events or NFT drops.
  • Figuring out if activity on your dApp is from humans, bots, or AI.
  • Keeping your community treasury safe from bad actors.
  • Preventing scalpers from raiding your NFTs and tickets.
  • Helping stop in-game cheaters.
  • Keeping unauthorized users, like minors or banned countries, off your platform.
  • Collecting customer info for KYC purposes.

We know you need easy-to-use, low-code tools, and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the table. Civic Pass has been rigorously tested for both security and ease-of-use, earning top marks in smart contract security audits via Hacken Proof.

Ready to give it a shot? Integrating Civic Pass is a breeze with our plug-and-play or customizable options. Get started with our docs now or chat with our devs about your dApp’s situation on Discord and see how Civic Pass can level up your dApp’s security game.


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