FOLLOW US and Chainabuse: Making the Crypto Ecosystem Safer

Last year, we partnered with TRM Labs as they launched Chainabuse, the leading reporting platform for malicious crypto activity that provides free instant support to victims.

Today, Civic is making it even easier to report scams to Chainabuse by integrating reporting technology directly into If you have a spammy or scammy NFT in your wallet, simply connect to and tap “Report NFT” in order to report it to Chainabuse. From there, you will be connected directly to the Chainabuse reporting flow.

At Civic, we strongly believe that Chainabuse provides a missing piece of the blockchain ecosystem puzzle: malicious activity reporting and victim support. It collects reports from victims, investigators, and super-sleuths, which it compiles and shares with law enforcement agencies to help accelerate investigations and help industry partners screen addresses and domains to alert their users before they sign dangerous transactions. 

Chainabuse offers free, instant, personalized support for victims of financial crimes. Victims can get immediate advice on their case, including optional investigative support. Chainabuse makes it easier for victims to report fraud and receive support in dealing with the aftermath of a scam.

The partnership demonstrates the growing importance of collaboration in the crypto industry in order to proactively combat financial crime, as well as the need for more tools to combat fraudulent activities in the crypto industry. We’re delighted to take this significant step forward in making the crypto ecosystem safer for everyone.

Have you tried out the new reporting flow? Let us know what you think on Twitter and Discord.


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