Celebrating our 50th Creator Verified by Civic Pass

This fall, we started our Verified by Civic Pass program to build trust within the NFT community. Today, we’re beyond thrilled to announce that we’ve verified our 50th creator and confirmed they will use Civic’s Ignite Pass to protect their NFT drop from bots.

Please join us in welcoming ProLeague to the Verified by Civic Pass club! 🎉 ProLeague is fostering the growth of the next generation of esport professionals by offering an engaging platform that uses blockchain, NFTs, and their own unique cryptocurrency to reward and incentivize competitive play.

To be Verified by Civic Pass, team founders went through identity verification that included identity document scanning and limited-scope document verification; a 3D face scan; facial match comparison between the 3D face of the live user to their 2D photo identity document; and screening for sanctions, PEP and adverse media listings. Control of their project Twitter handle and project domain were also verified as part of the process.

Now that ProLeague has been Verified by Civic Pass, the project’s nascent community will continue to accumulate trust, the most essential building block of a strong community. As Aristotle once said “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” With Civic Pass, we’re helping lay a stronger foundation for the whole.

ProLeague will also be using Ignite Pass, which will protect their NFT drop from bot manipulation. Ignite Pass is just one of the features that we’ve added to our suite of Civic Pass products for NFT creators. Other features to make minting easier will soon be available on CandyMachine v2.

Since our first verifications of Metasaurs by Dr. DMT and Flux Art Project with Civic Pass, we’ve grown the Verified by Civic Pass program by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, we’ve enjoyed getting to know the creator community.

There’s something for everyone in the Verified by Civic Pass collection, whether you like old-school ultra-pixelated projects, such as Samo Doggos, Rein Club, and The Forbidden Books, or future-focused projects, like Bounty Hunter, Sol Slatts, SolanaTown, and GruesomeGoblins. If you like seasonal projects, check out SolSantas, or if you prefer timeless, abstract projects, take a look at ClubUNQ, Geomendrian, and Ayahuasca.

Still not finding your unique preference? We love the look of Anybodies, Miss Frais or Dessert Girls. Or, maybe you’d just like to look at something stunningly beautiful — DreamVerse might be right up your alley.

If you like what you see, hold on to your hats because there’s much more to come. Congrats again to our 50th Verified by Civic Pass creator, ProLeague!


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