Repositioning our Support for Civic Pass

Just last week at ETH Denver, we announced Civic Pass support for Ethereum and Polygon, adding to our existing support of Solana and Casper. Now, dApps and enterprises can manage user access with token-gating via Civic Pass. Civic Pass is a non-transferable token (SBT) that works across both chains and wallets. It may also be customized for private networks to meet enterprise-grade needs with the ability to issue, freeze and revoke tokens.

We also announced customer portals for developers to try out Civic Pass with their own wallets. It’s easy to connect a wallet and experience the user flow for securing a Civic Pass. After testing out the user flow, dApps can select the chains they wish to integrate and peruse developer docs.

We’re working hard to continue expanding the number of chains that natively support Civic Pass.

The big picture

Over the past few months we’ve seen example after example of law enforcement taking action. By doing so, these governing bodies are indirectly setting up guardrails for the blockchain industry. From action against FTX to Binance to Kraken and beyond, the cumulative action is shaping the next chapter of this new technology.

With the regulatory hammer continuing to fall, we’re powerfully positioned to enable enterprise-grade solutions, which are unlocking many new use cases. As experts in blockchain-based identity since 2015, we’ve drawn on our extensive industry experience to deliver identity solutions that fulfill needs of many types of companies, from dApps to Fintech to Web2 services.

Making room for Civic Pass

As we expand our blueprint for Civic Pass, we are also sharpening our business to support its success. As such, we will soon be discontinuing support of the Civic app. 

Starting June 1st, 2023, the Civic app will no longer be available in the app store. If you have funds in your Civic app, please transfer them into another wallet prior to June 1. If you don’t have a balance in your Civic app, there is no need for any action, since your account will be automatically deactivated on June 1.

If you need help, please contact us at or refer to our FAQ for more information.

Looking ahead

We’re thrilled to expand the presence of Civic Pass in the marketplace and meet the needs of a bigger variety of customers by offering more solutions tailored to their needs. In streamlining our efforts across the business and removing the Civic app from app stores, we’re building for an on-chain future that’s coming to life every passing day.


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