Join us on Thursday, July 12 at 10am PT / 6pm BST for a webinar with Civic in partnership with ComplyAdvantageKrisan Nichani, Director of Risk & Compliance at Civic; and Paul Gerbino, Director of Anti-Money Laundering Strategy at ComplyAdvantage, will come together to discuss the implementation of our technology and how it benefits their mission in the long run. 

We’re passionate about the core mission of ComplyAdvantage, which is to build the best data and technology to stop money laundering and terrorist financing. Less than 1% of billions in illicit funds are caught each year and efforts are bogged down in risk and compliance regulations, inadequate data analytics, and outdated technology. 

The Civic and ComplyAdvantage alliance represents a new level of security in anti-money laundering (AML) checks through decentralized blockchain-enabled access to check against sanctions, political exposure, adverse media, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), UN sanctions checks, and FBI, Interpol and most wanted lists.

Register for the webinar to learn how Civic’s reusable KYC, in tandem with ComplyAdvantage’s AML checks, can reduce financial crime risk.