Civic Pass for NFTs

Real, verified users only.

Level up your NFT mintings and drops.

Fair and accessible auctions, minus the bots.


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  • Flexible

    Define your own rules for platform access to let in the right users.

  • Trusted

    Know your users without sacrificing privacy standards.

  • Fast

    Seamless verification in just minutes.

Defend against bots

Keep your users happy.

Civic Pass can help avoid price manipulation, denial of inventory, and Sybil attacks that result in missed auctions or system outages. No more changing the mint prices at the last minute to keep bots at bay.

  • Real person verification without collecting private information
  • Layer on additional KYC and AML requirements to high-value auctions or NFT drops
  • Maintain an equitable and transparent network of creators and buyers
  • Keep NFT royalties where they belong: with verified creators

Permissioned access to your platform

Civic Pass is an on-chain solution creating trust across the decentralized ecosystem. Allow qualified, known users to participate in your auctions, all without you having to store personal identifiable information (PII). Civic’s compliance tools can help with:

  • Global identity verification
  • Watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring
  • Ongoing IP-based location checks

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