Secure Identity Platform

Verified identity decentralized with blockchain technology

Civic’s Secure Identity Platform (SIP) uses a verified identity for multi-factor authentication on web and mobile apps without the need for usernames or passwords.


User authentication is a growing security threat that organizations face today. With identity theft and data breach numbers reaching new heights every year, businesses pay millions of dollars to ensure that the transactions on their servers are authentic. Hackers steal identities and impersonate valid customers, racking up thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges.

Our Partners
“Safe, swift, and accurate verification of a user's true identity has never been more important. By partnering with Civic, we can offer exactly that to all users of our national support network”
“Civic's customer identification service with its decentralized nature fits well into our blockchain based and global business model. Civic enables to us onboard customers all over the world with strong authentication and different KYC requirements.”

The Distributed Solution

Through our decentralized architecture with the blockchain and biometrics on the mobile device, our platform provides multi-factor authentication without a username, password, third party authenticator, or physical hardware token.

Keys are generated by the third party wallet, providing a firewall between Civic and users’ keys

Identity data fully encrypted in the app on the user’s device and can be accessible with biometrics

Public identifier for the authenticating authority, hashed identity data, and a flag indicating the data is still valid

Solutions for the Digital World

Authenticate without the need for traditional physical IDs, knowledge based authentication, username/password, and two-factor hardware tokens. Here are some of the services and solutions we are launching with our Civic Business Customers but many more are under development.

INTRODUCING CIVIC’S Secure Identity PlatformSecure Private Sign-up & Login

New account creation can be simplified by providing verified identity data with the Civic app. While this service may sound similar to Facebook Login, Civic’s Secure Private Sign-up (SPS) and Secure Private Login (SPL) offers both privacy of data transactions and greater trust in user identity. By utilizing SPS, you can rest assured that new accounts are created by the true owner of the identity data. Civic’s SPL enables you to allow your users to log in to your web and mobile apps without a username or password.  SPL provides a better user experience and multi-factor authentication without weak passwords, password reset vulnerabilities and the hassle of legacy two-factor authentication.

Initial Solutions


Secure new account creation using Civic verified identity for KYC. Multi-factor authentication for web and mobile apps.


Better user experience with more options to establish various levels of trust in the identity of a signer of a document


Secure account creation that offers varying levels of privacy to your users, including anonymity or verified demographic attributes

Financial Services

Avoid new account fraud with verified identity data.  Multi-factor authentication with simple user experience


Reduce the impact of data breach by not storing user PII with credit card data.  Avoid identity fraud with a Civic verified identity


Allow Civic Members to securely store and instantly share authenticated medical records from their device with the Civic App

How It Works

An individual downloads the Civic App and completes an Identity Validation Process customized to the Civic Business Customer requirements. This process verifies Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure ownership of the identity with enough data to establish the level of trust required by the Civic Business Customer.  In other words, more PII may be collected to establish a high level of trust, e.g. scanning of passport, driver’s license and social security number, while only minimal PII, e.g. only email and mobile phone number, may be collected for new users when the Civic Business Customer only wants to verify the user is real and unique.

After validation, the user is now considered a Civic Member with authenticated identity data secured in the Civic App on the user’s device, not stored by Civic. The Civic Member may share this previously authenticated identity data with Civic Business Customers, businesses that enter into a partnership with Civic. Civic Business Customers leverage our blockchain technology for real-time authentication of Civic Member identity data.

Identity Validation & Monetization

Civic Identity Validation

Once identity data is provided by a user, Civic uses multiple identity validation service providers to authenticate submitted data against phone, credit, social media, and other public records. By combining many sources with fraud detection algorithms, manual auditing, and our proprietary internal decision engine, Civic maintains a high pass rate for legitimate users while mitigating the risks of fraudulent behavior.

Third Party Identity Validation

A Civic Business Customer may decide to accept identity data previously validated by a Civic Identity Partner rather than Civic. For example, an e-commerce provider may trust the identity validation process of a financial institution, therefore accepting this data for their identity requirements. Another example is a government entity using the Civic platform to issue digital identity data directly to the Civic app, such as a passport or driver license.

Monetize Reuseable KYC

When someone is validated as a Civic Member, their identity can be reused at other Civic Business Customers, replacing some or all legacy identity validation.  This can provide Civic Identity Partners opportunities to monetize verified identity data of their users. If you issue authenticated identity data on the blockchain with the Civic architecture, the Civic Member can share that data with a Civic Business Customer for real-time authentication of identity. The Civic Business Customer pays a small fee that is shared with the the Civic Identity Partner to avoid paying a larger fee to do their own authentication.

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