Civic Reusable KYC

Satisfy your company’s Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements with Civic’s easy-to-use, private, and secure KYC solution.

The Civic mobile app enables your users to scan and verify their identity documents so you can satisfy your company’s KYC requirements. Leverage trusted 3rd parties in the Marketplace to validate personal information with blockchain attestations and store everything locally on the user’s mobile device.

Use Cases for Civic KYC

Add blockchain-enabled KYC to businesses and services that require user identification. Decentralized, reusable KYC improves security, on-boarding and every day use.

  • Cryptocurrency Services

    Cryptocurrency Services

  • Travel & Transportation

    Travel & Transportation

  • Lending Services

    Lending Services

  • Access Management

    Access Management

  • Ride-sharing Services

    Ride-sharing Services

  • Online Dating Apps

    Online Dating Apps

How It Works

Currently, Identity Requestors can use CVCs to leverage permission-based, real-time authentication of identity data verified by a Civic Identity Partner. The Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP) stores and shares authenticated data only with user permission, while the Civic Marketplace is a decentralized environment where CVCs are used for attestation payments.

Why Do KYC with Civic?

  • Reusable


    Users only need to submit their data once in the Civic app to get verified. The process is easy and fast with most users taking between 3-5 minutes to onboard. The reuse happens in seconds. This verified information is good until revoked or the document expires.

  • Private


    With Civic Reusable KYC, organizations easily have proof of identity information being authenticated by a trusted institution, thus, eliminating the sharing of unnecessary data.

  • User-Permissioned


    The Civic app stores a user’s personally identifiable information (PII) securely on his or her device using high-level encryption and biometrics. The user chooses whether to approve or deny all requests for information.

  • Secure


    During the ID verification process, users have to pass a liveness test and selfie comparison with their ID. Optical character recognition (OCR) ensures that the document’s real owner is being verified.

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