Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Identity Verification by Civic?

    Identification Verification by Civic makes integrating and managing identity verification easy. Businesses can get started quickly and offer mobile user onboarding that meets international compliance requirements. And, our service is designed for flexibility thanks to our pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

  • Who can use Identity Verification by Civic?

    Identity Verification by Civic helps businesses protect against fraud and maintain compliance all while shielding their customers’ privacy. Businesses may integrate the product into their existing app or website, or use our standalone app, which assumes management of personally identifiable information. 

  • Why should I choose your product over others?

    Trust is the essential ingredient when it comes to transacting safely. That’s why we’ve invested in the biometric and liveness verification, which provides a less than one percent false rejection rate. This means that no matter where you do business, your interactions with your customers are GDPR and CCPA compliant. With identity verification support for more than 195 countries, Civic can support your business globally.

  • Does Civic help me meet local laws and regulations?

    Civic does not make any representation about the legality of our service in any particular location. We are a SaaS service and are committed to providing you with a verified identity result.

  • How is Civic Wallet evolving?

    Civic is integrating its technology with the Solana blockchain in order to allow for future scalability and to ensure low fees for our customers. As part of this product evolution, Civic Wallet will undergo changes that ultimately allow for better user experiences.

  • How will the Civic Wallet mobile app experience change?

    Civic Wallet will be undergoing some changes as we integrate with the Solana blockchain. Existing Civic Wallet crypto users will continue to be able to access their crypto wallet functionality with no change. For now, new Civic Wallet users will no longer have the option of opening a Bitcoin account. When we introduce our new Solana wallet, all users will have access to new options to hold and interact with important cryptocurrencies. Finally, users will be able to access their accounts both on the web and through their mobile phones.

  • What countries do you support?

    We support 4,500+ identity documents across 195 countries. See our list of supported identity documents.

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