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Civic Milestones and Updates: Q4 2022


The fourth quarter of 2022 brought a downward slide for crypto markets as we head into 2023. A CoinDesk benchmark index, which encompasses 163 digital assets, fell 12% from September through Dec. 15. The downturn is clearly multifaceted, and is partially attributed to central bank action against rising inflation. But, with the collapse of FTX, fallout across the sector continues to make headlines, especially in the Solana ecosystem where the price of SOL has declined since its high in 2021. Civic is multichain and always has been, and while some of our core systems are on Solana, our platform aims to knit together a variety of ecosystems. 

Key Milestones

With the beta version of, our consumer product, fully live, we hit the ground running in the fourth quarter. We set to work building Dynamic Web3 Profiles for Web3 companies to integrate effortlessly into their services.

We prepped and built our products for a stellar presence in Lisbon for the Solana Hacker House and Breakpoint conference in late October, early November. The full Civic team attended the conference, and our orange-shirted team collaborated with a number of projects and companies during the Hacker House, passing out Lisbon-inspired stickers along the way.

We announced the SDK at the beginning of Breakpoint. The software allows developers to integrate Dynamic Web3 Profiles in order to enable stronger community experiences for their users. Users can bring their own personality to any dApp’s community by appearing as their own rich user profile instead of just a wallet number. Because the profile is portable and travels with the user, dApps do not need to store user information. 

Both Realms, a platform for DAOs launching on Solana, and Dialect, the first protocol for smart messaging, integrated the SDK to augment their user experiences within their dApps.

At the Lisbon Hacker House, we conducted a few demos of our new integration with Wallet Connect’s Web3Modal to enable connection with mobile wallets. We even set up a limited edition NFT mint protected by a Civic Pass to showcase the production ready product. Civic fans were offered a chance to mint a Breakpoint NFT as part of the demo. We also made strides in developing a “Vault,” which protects assets in the event of a wallet drain.

Along with our partners at Lighthouse DAO and Grape Protocol, we offered a workshop for advanced-level DAO founders and administrators. The workshop was packed and received high marks from attendees. We’re proud of the groundbreaking work we’ve been conducting in collaboration with this brilliant group.

Breakpoint wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to collaborate with the sector’s finest brands and companies. We sponsored the Builders of Solana Summer (BOSS) party, along with other brands like Monke DAO, Famous Fox Federation and GenesysGo. We also sponsored the Higher Self party, hosted by the Degen Ape Academy. 

The fourth quarter had its share of important partnerships as well. Civic’s permissioning platform was included in the Metaplex Candy Machine version 3. In this new streamlined version of Candy Machine, users can not only add bot protection to their mints, they can also add age and location checks to their mints. We also announced an integration with Brave browser. Now, users can connect easily from their Brave browser.

Civic in the News

Dan Kelleher, our VP of Engineering continued making his way through the tech circuit talking about the industry need for an identity layer. In Berlin, he made a series of appearances at the DeData Summit, Next Block Expo and the Solana Meetup with Superteam Germany. Dan also interviewed with Streamflow and hosted a Twitter Spaces with Solana Labs about Soulbound Tokens on Solana.

Prior to Breakpoint, Chris Hart and JP Bedoya spoke at NFT.London on panels, including How NFTs Empower a New Digital Identity and Creator Economy. JP opined in the Daily Hodl about where the next web3 fortunes will be made and why digital id is essential to a seamless cross-chain experience, and in The Defiant about tools that will reshape cross-chain identity.

Mentions of Civic were included in Decrypt, with a reprint in the Financial Express, Blockworks, and Coinculture.

Civic took a trip to the International Space Station, sending a digital artifact on their payload, where it orbited around the earth. It was made possible by our partners, and Infinity Labs NFT.

A Look Ahead

We’re off to a running start in 2023. This year, look out for more developments related to Civic Pass, refinements on, and more announcements related to other chains.

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