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Civic Unveils Dynamic Web3 Profiles for dApps

At Breakpoint Lisbon, we’re proud to announce that dApps can integrate Dynamic Web3 Profiles into their own platforms using the new SDK. Using Civic’s easy to integrate SDK developers can now enable stronger community experiences for their users. 

Users can bring their own personality to any dApp’s community by appearing as their own rich user profile instead of just a wallet number. Because the profile is portable and travels with the user, dApps do not need to store user information. 

We are also proud to announce that both the Realms platform for DAOs launching on Solana, and Dialect, the first protocol for smart messaging, have recently integrated the SDK to augment their user experiences within their dApps.

The user experience is streamlined and easy-to-follow. Getting started is also easy; DApps can access existing profiles and may also choose to have their users set up a profile. Once users connect their wallets with a published display name and PFP, their new Dynamic Web3 Profile appears automatically on the dApp, along with those of fellow community members. 

A sleeker experience

Our recently launched consumer portal,, is a dashboard where users can privately manage their Web3 identity, presence, and reputation. is part social platform, part NFT collector’s showcase, and a comprehensive identity solution that prioritizes user privacy. With a portable Dynamic Web3 Profile that users and their alts can own, the keys to a better Web3 experience are here. uses IPFS to store user data, giving users more control over their information than centralized storage offers.

New product features for include:

  • Encrypted P2P messaging, provided by Dialect
  • Publish one view for your NFTs from multiple wallets on Solana, including cold storage wallets like Ledger
  • NFT Vaulting, an NFT locking feature to protect them from draining scams (This feature is currently in alpha)
  • Faster, enhanced user experience

All of these new features act in combination with existing capabilities for profile building. For example, users can publish multiple profiles with a PFP, display name, and bio. They can also add multiple Solana wallets and showcase NFTs (Ethereum wallet support coming soon). also provides a place to store and manage Civic Passes, which are verified credentials that allow access to permissioned environments created by dApps. For example, with a Civic Pass for age verification, a user could prove they are old enough to use age-gated services; or with a Civic Pass for liveness verification, they could prove they’re not a bot and therefore eligible to participate in an NFT mint. We’re invested in making complex digital identity technologies easier for individuals and dApps to access.

The digital identity ecosystem

We power cross-chain, wallet-agnostic Web3 identity credentialing and consumption for mass adoption by individuals ( and enterprises (Civic Pass). Our products unlock the power of decentralized identifiers (DIDs), which conform to industry-recognized W3C standards. To do this, we leverage’s open-source protocol.

Civic at Breakpoint

If you’re attending the Breakpoint Hacker House, we’d love to chat. Our devs will be available and identifiable in Civic t-shirts.

We’re co-hosting an advanced workshop for DAO governance at Breakpoint with Lighthouse DAO and Grape Protocol on Sunday, Nov. 6, from 2-5pm GMT.

And, follow us on Twitter @civickey for all the latest updates on all things Civic. 

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