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Welcome, Base Builders!

Today, we’re thrilled to offer Civic Pass to Base builders, who have come to expect secure, low-cost, builder-friendly tools ready to bring the next billion users on-chain. We’ve been hard at work, perfecting the Civic Pass user experience among chains and wallets, and we’re delighted to introduce Civic Pass for Base.

Has your Web3 app ever experienced any of the following?

  • Botting during a live event, NFT mint or airdrop.
  • Difficulty determining if activity on your dApp is from humans, bots or AI.
  • Protecting your community treasury from bad actors.
  • Scalping your NFTs, tickets or other digital assets.
  • In-game cheating.
  • Unauthorized users on your platform, such as minors or banned countries.
  • Issues collecting customer information related to KYC.

Whether you’ve battled botting related to Sybil attacks, NFT mints and airdrops, or your dApp has been victimized from cheating, fraud or spam, you know that protecting your community and business on blockchain is complicated.

In our dynamic environment, problems appear in the most unexpected of places and the solutions sometimes create even more issues. 

That’s why we built the Swiss Army knife of digital identities with Civic Pass. It can gate, guard and protect your community in more than one way, so that you don’t have to stitch together solutions across multiple vendors.

We’ve served as a trusted advisor for many startups encountering issues that can be alleviated by digital identity. To date, we’ve issued more than 780,000 Civic Passes and served more than 570 projects.

Need one more reason to try us out? We’ve rigorously tested Civic Pass for ease-of-use and security, earning the highest rating for a smart contract security audit via Hacken Proof.

With both turnkey and customizable options, Civic Pass can be integrated in just a few minutes. Get started with our docs now or chat with our devs about your dApp’s situation on Discord.

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Unsupported Countries:

Due to Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) restrictions, Civic is unsupported for nationals and residents of the following countries: Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria.

Civic Passes cannot be issued if a VPN is detected.

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