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Civic Now Offers Support for Ethereum & Polygon

We’re so proud to share our next step in bridging digital identity across chains by announcing support for Ethereum and Polygon. Our integrated token-gating tool helps dApps gate access to their services by issuing a Civic Pass to their users, which may be used across chains and wallets. Each Civic Pass indicates that a user has met minimum criteria defined by the dApp, such as humanity, age, location or identity document, and may also function as an input to a dApp’s compliance program. Civic Pass is already available to dApps on the Solana and Casper chains.

A Civic Pass is a type of Soulbound token, which is a non-transferable token that attests to a specific aspect of a person’s identity on-chain. By issuing Civic Passes to their users, dApps may take more control over which wallets are allowed to use their services. Civic Pass is both on-chain and private for the user. With Civic Pass, user access management is finally available at the smart-contract level.

A multichain experience

We’re making it easier to use Civic Pass across chains with the addition of support for Ethereum and Polygon… but that’s not all. 

Today, we’re also announcing customer portals for developers to try out Civic Pass with their own wallets. It’s easy to connect a wallet and experience the user flow for issuing a Civic Pass on Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. And, after testing out the user flow, dApps can select the chains they wish to integrate and peruse developer docs immediately. 

Civic Pass works across both chains and wallets, and we’re working to continue expanding the number of chains that natively support Civic Pass.

Meeting your record-keeping requirements

We offer flexible verification for identity documents, age, liveness, location, banned countries and more. When a dApp issues a Civic Pass, the user information is captured and verified privately. The Civic Pass, or non-transferable token, is on-chain, but the underlying information is not, so that the user’s private information remains confidential.

Depending on the industry they serve, dApps have varying requirements for compliance needs. We serve a range of companies with use cases that include work in the DeFi, gambling, gaming, NFT and DAO areas. We offer solutions that fit your record-keeping needs, depending on your use case. We work with dApps that have in-house compliance teams and are required to keep customer records — and we also work with dApps that do not need any form of record-keeping. Civic Pass is flexible, and we can customize a solution for you on-chain.

It’s all part of a bigger vision

Since 2015, we’ve pioneered private, on-chain digital identity to empower people to easily and privately manage their identities. Our aim is to be the most trusted on-chain identity tool in the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to be announcing our support for a broader range of blockchains. It’s a big step in the journey toward a multichain future for digital identity.

While today’s announcement moves the Civic Pass experience forward for dApps, consumers remain at the core of our efforts. We also offer consumers the ability to manage their on-chain identity, presence and reputation with a dashboard on By using the most advanced technology available for decentralization, including IPFS, we built a blockchain-native portal that allows people to have more control over their digital identities. This strong foundation will help both people and dApps alike to take advantage of the best blockchain has to offer.

We invite dApps to test out Civic Pass with various wallets across chains. We’d love to hear how you’re using Civic Pass for your dApp. Devs can get started integrating now and get help from our engineering team on our Discord server.

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