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Civic is coming to the XDC Network

  • We’re coming to the XDC Network.
  • We’re offering up to $10,000 in bounty prize money for XDC builders at the Consensus Web3athon.
  • We’ve chosen XDC to be the first EVM chain to introduce Civic Pass Uniqueness

We’re thrilled to announce that Civic Pass is coming to the XDC Network!

If you’re hearing about Civic Pass for the first time, it’s a non-transferable token that allows identity and access management for smart contracts, so that dApps can take control over which wallets are allowed to use their services.

Over the past six months we’ve been expanding the usability of Civic Pass by integrating across blockchains. To date, Civic Pass is available on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Casper, and now on the XDC Network.

We love the XDC Network because of the vibrant community of committed developers and also because the network is built for an array of unique dApps, particularly in the areas of trade finance, enterprises, and creators. As an EVM-compatible chain with enforceable smart contracts, it is uniquely suited to revolutionize, decentralize, and liquify the trade finance industry through the tokenization of real world assets and financial instruments.

The Civic Pass Platform was developed specifically for enterprise-level financial transactions, so the XDC Network is a natural fit for our product suite. By offering identity and access management for smart contracts, we’re giving more power to dApps to issue, freeze and revoke access to users that don’t meet their minimum requirements. We also offer CAPTCHA, liveness, age, location and identity document verification for Civic Pass.

To mark our arrival to the XDC Network, we are pleased to announce XDC as the first EVM network to introduce Civic Pass Uniqueness. Uniqueness verification ensures that each user may have permission to use a dApp’s services with only one wallet. This one-user, one-wallet permissioning may be critical for a variety of reasons. For example, uniqueness can help prevent botting and Sybil attacks, and provide additional controls for DAO voting. It may also help prevent bots from unfairly obtaining inventory like NFTs, votes, or access to permissioned spaces. Civic has deep experience in blocking bots and malicious activity, and to-date has blocked more than 4 million bots using Civic Pass.

At Consensus, we’re proud to offer XDC builders up to $10,000 USDC in bounty prizes — our largest bounty ever. With multiple prizes, we’re encouraging builders to integrate identity and access management for smart contracts on XDC. We’re offering $2,000 for a smart contract integration of Civic Pass and $500 for a front-end only integration of Civic Pass. dApps may only apply for one prize. Starter ideas include integrating Civic Pass for botting prevention during a mint or account creation and integrating uniqueness verification (one user, one wallet) into a dApp to help prevent Sybil attacks. Full details will soon be available on the Web3athon website.

So, are you ready to build with the XDC Network and win bounty money? Hop in our Discord or hit us up on Twitter and say hello — we want to chat with you and help with your integrations!

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