Passwordless Login

Log in without usernames or passwords.

Usernames and Passwords Aren't Enough

With identity theft and data breach numbers reaching new heights every year, businesses pay millions of dollars to ensure that the transactions on their servers are authentic. Usernames and passwords are no match against fraud.

How Civic Can Help

Instead of remembering usernames and passwords for dozens of websites, the Civic App only requires that you remember one thing: having your phone handy.

  • Reusable


    Users only need to submit their data once in the Civic app to get verified. Their validated credentials can be reused anywhere Civic is enabled.

  • Secure


    Personally identifiable information (PII) is stored on the user’s mobile device using high-level encryption and biometrics.

  • User-permissioned


    The user chooses whether to approve or deny all requests for information.

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