Login & Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Goodbye, passwords. Hello verified identity.

Privacy-first. No usernames or passwords. We’re revolutionizing login.

Onboard Real Users, Not Bots or Fraudsters

When you add use Login & MFA by Civic, you can be sure only real people are creating an account. All users undergo email verification and a video selfie in Civic Wallet to ensure they are real.

  • Email


    Collect verified phone numbers and emails from your users and streamline account registration.

  • Liveness check

    Liveness check

    We perform a video selfie and create a 3D face map for future re-authentication uses.

  • Identity document

    Identity document

    Need government identity document verification as well? See Identity Verification by Civic.

Simplify with Login & MFA by Civic

Remembering passwords is hard. And, managing account credentials is even harder. Make business easier by handing over login management to Civic.

We Don't Believe in Getting Complicated

  • Store less data

    Save time and store only the data you need. We manage customer onboarding, login and maintenance so you don’t have to.

  • Improve user experience

    Privacy-focused users will appreciate having control of their personal data as well as logging in without a username or password.

  • Add enhancements later

    Upgrading to an enhanced identity verification experience at a later point is simple for you and your users.

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