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Automated Retail

Identity verification, payments and rewards for vending machines

Get Verified in Seconds

Your customer walks up to the vending machine, uses a Civic-enabled app to scan the QR code and instantly prove their age at a fraction of the cost to you.

Better than Traditional Identity Verification

  • More accurate than a bouncer

    More accurate than a bouncer

    Say goodbye to the days of vetting easily faked and misused government-issued identity documents. Technology has a better way, even if your customers have strange passports.

  • Faster than checking physical documents

    Faster than checking physical documents

    Users only need their phones and an internet connection to verify their identities. No more waiting to unearth an identity document from a dark corner of a wallet or bag.

  • Enjoy more bang for the buck

    Enjoy more bang for the buck

    Eliminate the high labor costs associated with manual age verification. No more maintenance fees or high costs to install added layers of software.

  • Sell more goods and products

    Sell more goods and products

    Imagine all the extra products you could sell at crowded events. The future is here, with age-checking vending machines.

Cashless Payment & Identity

Quick & low-cost blockchain-powered payment service.

  • Fast


    Onboarding takes only minutes. The payment app can be used at all Civic-enabled vending machines.

  • Low cost

    Low cost

    Lower upfront costs than traditional payment processing solutions.

  • Payment meets identity

    Payment meets identity

    Payment & verified identity in one app minimizes the risk of misidentification when selling age-restricted products.

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