Age Verification

Global age verification across 195 countries.

No more checking IDs by hand.

Contactless proof of age.

Automate and Reduce Human Error in ID Checks

It’s time to stop verifying IDs by hand and running the risk of approving fake or stolen IDs. Automate the labor-intensive work of manual ID verification in favor of a digital solution: Civic Wallet.

  • Accessing a website or app

    Accessing a website or app

    For gated websites or apps that need proof of age at the point of entry.

  • Getting into a bar or club

    Getting into a bar or club

    Skip the doorman in favor of Civic Wallet for age checks at a physical location.

  • Buying age-restricted goods

    Buying age-restricted goods

    Sell alcohol, cigarettes, and CBD without an employee physically checking IDs.

Take Control of Your Business

Scale up faster. For businesses that need to verify the age of their customers, Civic Wallet automates the process with increased accuracy and reduced cost.

  • Stay compliant

    A Civic ID at the point of sale or access offers you the peace of mind that an ID is owned by the actual user, not stolen or faked.

  • Automate ID checks

    No more vetting easily faked and misused government-issued identity documents.

  • Lower overhead

    Eliminate the high labor costs associated with checking IDs manually.

Try Age Verification by Civic

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