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Civic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Civic?

    Civic is an identity management service that allows you to protect and authorize the use of your identity in real time. We also offer additional features to help protect your identity such as credit report alerting, identity fraud coverage, and access to 24/7 fraud support.

  • How much does a Civic membership cost?

    A Standard Civic membership costs just a few dollars a month and provides what we believe are the core features necessary to secure your identity. See our pricing page for more info on what each membership includes. Civic also maintains a free plan for anybody who wishes to join that gives basic protection against loss from ID theft.

  • Why is there a free option?

    Civic believes that all of our members should have at least basic protection at no cost. For free accounts, our revenue comes from partnering with companies to combat fraud and sharing in the savings created.

  • How do I sign up?

    Civic has launched its open beta for the Civic app. If you would like to install and use Civic, please download the app to get started.

  • How is my data used?

    Civic uses your data to send you notifications about the use of your identity. At no point in the process do we ever share your personal information with our partners.

    Additionally, Civic is committed to our members’ privacy. We will never sell or otherwise monetize data relating to your browsing activity or usage of our services.

    For more detail, please see our Privacy Policy.

  • What is the difference between Civic and credit monitoring services?

    In addition to credit monitoring, Civic will alert you through email and mobile notifications when someone is trying to use your identity to open a new account. These alerts are sent in real time, allowing you to respond immediately and stop identity theft before it happens.

    Traditional credit monitoring services typically charge a monthly fee to monitor your credit report and alert you when there have been changes. Fraudulent activities can only be picked up after the fact, and the timing of notifications cannot be guaranteed. Dependent on the type of fraud being attempted, a credit event may not always be triggered. Compromised identities can also lie dormant for a long time, even years, before being used fraudulently, so protection relies on continued payment to credit monitoring companies.

  • Does Civic offer credit repair services?

    Civic does not offer credit repair services at this time. Our policy does cover certain damages associated with identity theft, but Civic’s primary goal remains preventative: Stop fraud before it happens.

  • What can we expect from Civic in the near future?

    Civic aims to become the trusted third-party source for securing and verifying your identity. We’re building partnerships with banks, credit card companies, online lenders, wireless and cable providers, employee verification services – in fact, any institution that uses your identity.

  • I would like to offer Civic to my existing or prospective customers. Where can I learn more?

    Civic welcomes all new partners. We are always looking to grow the network and provide more coverage for our users. If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner, please click here and tell us more about yourself.

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