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Civic Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Civic?

    Civic allows people to control the use of their identity information. We use blockchain identity verification technology to secure and protect personal information transfer.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you would like to install and use Civic, please download the app to get started.

  • How does your KYC process work?

    The Civic mobile app enables your users to scan and verify their identity documents so you can satisfy your company’s KYC requirements. Leverage trusted 3rd parties in the Marketplace to validate personal information with blockchain attestations and store everything locally on the user’s mobile device.

    Identity verification is a voluntary information exchange between the User and the Requester. The Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP) shares authenticated data only with user permission, while the Marketplace is a decentralized environment where CVCs are used for attestation payments. An individual downloads the Civic App, establishes an account, and, upon signing up for Requester services, verifies his or her identity on the blockchain and share the authenticated data with Requesters.

    Learn more about the product or see a slideshow of how it works.

  • How fast are KYC checks?

    KYC checks take 3-5 minutes for the first check as a new Civic user. Checks for existing Civic users take about 10 seconds.

  • Why is Civic login better than usernames or passwords?

    Civic enables users to log in to websites and mobile apps without a username or password. This makes for a better user experience in several ways: the user is in full control of his or her identity information and protected against impersonation; no more password reset vulnerabilities or the hassle of legacy two-factor authentication; and no user tracking, ever.

  • How is Reusable KYC better than traditional KYC solutions?

    Civic Reusable KYC reduces the overhead costs related to compliance and fraud prevention controls as a user only needs to be verified once. Civic reduces extreme multi-user hack risks by storing personal information only on user mobile devices to make it expensive to attack our network.

    Civic allows for a simplified user onboarding experience as users only need to submit their data once in the Civic app to get verified and reuse their verified KYC ID where Civic is accepted.

    With Civic Reusable KYC, organizations easily have proof of identity information being authenticated by a trusted institution, thus, eliminating the sharing of unnecessary data. A vending machine doesn’t need to know your full personal information to give you a beer, so there’s less risk of hacks or repurposing of data.

    The Civic app stores a user’s personally identifiable information (PII) securely on their device using high-level encryption and biometrics. The user chooses whether to approve or deny all requests for information.

  • How do you do AML and watchlist checks?

    We work with a trusted partner to perform AML and watchlist checks.

  • How do you do Accredited Investor checks?

    We work with a trusted partner to perform Accredited Investor checks.

  • How long does it take to integrate?

    It depends on your technical capabilities and number of people available to do the integration. One of our partners, Waxex, completed the integration in 12 hours. Learn more about their integration experience here.  

  • What does the payment process look like?

    Partners will be able to bring their own CVCs and transfer them to their Integration Portal wallet, or they can opt to be billed every 30 days by Civic and pay in fiat.

  • Do you recognize non-Latin characters and documentation?


  • How do I add personalization to the Civic app end user experience?

    If your company has multiple brands or you serve other customers through your product that has integrated Civic, you can use the Integration Portal to set up multiple applications for each brand or customer and deliver a personalized experience. Our Customer Success team is happy to guide you through the process.

  • Who stores the data?

    Your mobile device stores your data in the Civic App, encrypted and protected with biometrics. With user consent, data is shared with Requesters, who can store it for operational purposes.

    After user personal information is validated, a blockchain attestation proves that the information is true and hasn’t been tampered with every time users need to share it with Requesters.

  • How is my data used?

    Civic is committed to our members’ privacy. We will never sell or otherwise monetize data relating to your browsing activity or usage of our services. For more detail, please see our Privacy Policy.

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