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The Current State of Fraud Alerts

Current identity protection software services are failing to protect users adequately from the threats posed by modern identity thieves. With data breaches exposing hundreds of millions of users’ identities, consumers need the ability to monitor and protect their own identities.

Traditional identity protection services provide notifications, but by that point it might be too late.


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2014 to 2015


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Real-Time Alerts

With Civic’s real-time alerts, our Partners have the ability to communicate with the owner of the identity in question directly during the account creation process. By creating this real-time feedback loop we are giving identity control back to the verified owner of the identity and giving them the ability to accept or reject transactions that occur in their name.

Powered through our Api

Civic’s simple API allows our Partners to not only send an outgoing message notifying the Civic Member of their identity being used, but also provides the user with the ability to send our Partner a response to confirm or deny the use of their identity. The response from a Civic Member helps our Partners prevent fraud before it occurs, such as new account fraud.

Working together to Reduce Fraud

Civic empowers our partners to combat identity fraud and stop syndicates. This occurs through sharing information about IP addresses and other identifying characteristics when there is a high concentration of declined identity alerts. This information can then be used to prevent those bad actors from entering the signup or new account creation process.

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