Marketplace: Identity Requesters

Requesters are organizations that need to verify personal information about Users. As a Requester, you no longer need to independently verify that information and can instead leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators through blockchain attestations.

Secure Sign-On & Reusable KYC

New account creation can be simplified by providing verified identity data with the Civic app. Civic’s Secure Private Sign-On simplifies the identity verification process and multi-factor authentication with the Civic App.

Civic Reusable KYC is the blockchain-based tool for organizations that require scanning and verification of documents, such as passport and driver’s license, and Accredited Investor Checks.

How It Works

Currently, Requesters can use CVCs to leverage permission-based, real-time authentication of identity data verified by a Civic Identity Partner.

How it works

Identity verification is a voluntary information exchange between the User and the Requester. The Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP) stores and shares Authenticated Data only with User permission, while the Civic Marketplace is a decentralized environment where CVCs are used for attestation payments. An individual downloads the Civic App, establishes an account, and, upon signing up for Requester services, they verify their identity on the blockchain and share the Authenticated Data with Requesters.

Use Cases for Civic KYC

Add blockchain-enabled KYC to businesses and services that require user identification. Decentralized, reusable KYC improves security, on-boarding and every day use.

  • Cryptocurrency Services

    Cryptocurrency Services

  • Travel & Transportation

    Travel & Transportation

  • Lending Services

    Lending Services

  • Access Management

    Access Management

  • Ride-sharing Services

    Ride-sharing Services

  • Online Dating Apps

    Online Dating Apps


  • Trust


    With Civic’s Secure Private Sign-On, only the true owners of a verified email address and phone number can create new accounts and login.

  • Security


    Leverage Reusable KYC attestations, including scanning, verification of documents such as passports and driver’s licenses, and accredited investor checks.

  • Privacy


    Requesters easily obtain proof that identity information has been authenticated by a trusted institution. Requesters in need of KYC receive only the necessary data to fulfill the request.

  • Convenience


    Secure Private Sign-On enables your users to log in to your web and mobile apps without a username or password. It provides a better user experience and authentication security without weak passwords, password reset vulnerabilities, or the hassle of legacy two-factor authentication.

  • Efficiency


    Building a proprietary KYC capability is a costly, risky and time-consuming proposition. Companies of any size can simplify their user onboarding experience by using the Civic Reusable KYC. Users only need to submit their data once in the Civic App to get verified and register for a new account.

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