Civic Marketplace

On-demand, secure, and lower-cost identity verification services powered by the blockchain.

The visionary Civic Marketplace introduces truly reusable identity verification (IDV) for individuals each time a new institution or service requires them.

Civic currently offers a portfolio of identity verification products that are available worldwide. Building on its record of innovation, and in line with the vision of creating a truly decentralized identity ecosystem, Civic has launched a utility token known as the Civic Token or “CVC​.”

Marketplace Use Cases

Learn more about how decentralized identity improves user experience, reduces costs and can turn a cost center into a net revenue unit.

  • For Requesters

    For Requesters

    Requestors use CVCs to leverage permission-based, real-time authentication of User identity data verified by a Validator.

  • For Validators

    For Validators

    Validators generate revenue every time an User attestation is created or used by Requesters.

  • For Users

    For Users

    Users don’t have to upload documents every single time they need to prove they are who they say they are.

How does it work?

Civic’s ecosystem is designed to incentivize participation by trustworthy IDV providers known as “Validators,” who may include financial institutions, government entities, and utility companies, among others. Validators will be able to verify the identity of an individual or business, known as a “User​,” and ‘stamp’ or record this approval on the blockchain in the form of an attestation.

Parties known as “Requesters​” who are seeking to verify the same information about a given User, and who may include other Validators, would no longer need to independently verify that information and could instead leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators.

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