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Community Developer Program

Help grow the Civic ecosystem and bring secure digital identity to the world with community-run open source initiatives.

How It Works

  • Submit a Proposal

    Submit a Proposal

    Have a brilliant idea for how to implement Civic? An awesome plugin concept using Civic Identity? Know of a new language that needs to be supported? Submit a proposal to the Civic Developer Community. If your idea receives enough backing, it will be assigned a bounty, letting developers earn a reward to make your vision a reality.

  • Vote for Your Favorite

    Vote for Your Favorite

    Civic will review all submissions, and post approved proposals on the Community Board, where you can voice your support for the best community ideas. Proposals that receive the greatest number of votes will appear at the top of the Community Board and be assigned larger bounties to entice developers.

  • Commit Your Code

    Commit Your Code

    Show off your technical skills by contributing to our open source efforts. You can commit your own proposals, or tackle the top ideas from our Community Board.

  • Earn a Reward

    Earn a Reward

    Bounties will be set based on community support. Whenever a project is complete, all developers who contributed to the codebase have a chance to receive a portion of the bounty based on their contributions.

Getting Started Is Simple

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