Rebuild Customer Loyalty and Trust After a Data Breach

Give your customers identity theft protection to show them you care.

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consumers believe data breaches have serious implications for their security.*
* Source: GA Javelin LLC

Help Your Customers Feel Secure

Rebuild Trust

By providing your customers with an identity theft protection service, organizations can regain trust and even build customer loyalty.

Lifetime Protection

Even after the paid subscription expires, Civic Members continue to be covered by a $1M Identity Theft Insurance policy free for life.

Lower Customer Risk

Empower your customers to actively monitor real-time alerts and changes to their credit reports.

Included in civic'sIdentity Theft Protection Benefits

Civic is there to protect you - Before, During and After an incident of identity theft.

Fraud Alerts

Identity Theft Monitoring

If you are worried about your identity being stolen without your knowledge, Civic is the identity theft monitoring service that allows you to keep your ear to the ground.

The standard credit application process requires a credit check from a credit bureau. As part of our standard plan, you will get credit monitoring alerts provided through our integration with TransUnion. If one of these preliminary checks is requested and looks suspicious, we will notify you.

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Civic identity theft services can be of assistance if you suspect that your identity has been compromised.

Fraud Alerts

Identity Monitoring Alerts

Civic’s fraud notifications help keep your identity safe. Through credit bureau alerts, we empower you to take control of your identity!

We’ll send you a notification when we detect your identity is being used.

New Inquiry
Improved Account
New Address
New Accounts
New Employment
Delinquent Account
New Public Record
Fraud Alert
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Should you discover that you were a victim of identity theft, Civic is here to help you recover with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Fraud Support

24/7 US-Based Fraud Support

Whether you need help setting up your Civic Membership or assistance after discovering potential fraud in your name, Civic offers US-based support services when you need it most. Through Civic's partner network, you have access to experienced identity fraud investigators to help guide you and recover any funds you might have lost.

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Fraud Alerts

$1M Identity Theft Insurance

If you become a victim of identity fraud, Civic will spend up to $1 Million to hire the necessary lawyers, accountants, and investigators to aid your recovery. This product feature will always be available to Civic members for Free, for Life!

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Coming Soon

Stolen Funds Replacement

This new feature will allow Civic to refund stolen funds back to you (up to your set limit amount), even if we are unable to recover your funds during the course of working with an identity fraud investigator.

Data Breach Notifications

Civic will be keeping a closer eye on the ever increasing number of data breaches happening around the globe. As Civic identifies new breaches, we will send out a customer wide alert, allowing you to take action if needed.

Black Market Monitoring

Civic's technology keeps an eye on the dark web where hackers buy and sell identities for fraudulent use. By monitoring these sites for your name, Civic can be the early warning system you need to stop identity theft before it happens.

Secure ID Authentication App

Your Civic Membership gives you access to our expanded Civic Business Customer network. Get access to features like automatic account creation and secure private login to access websites securely without cumbersome two-factor authentication.

Start protecting your customers!

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"Civic became the first company to turn identity theft protection into truly warning you before the identity theft truck hits you."
USA Today
"The bottom line is that Americans are not in control of when and where their personal information is being used and we plan to change that."
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