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A shared vision for a more decentralized future.

  • No more usernames or passwords

    No more usernames or passwords

    wikiHow is a how-to website with the mission of helping anyone in the world learn how to do anything. Ranked 174 by Alexa, they help over 150 million unique users each month with a (growing) list of over 180,000 English how-to guides. They are live in 18 languages and 240 countries and territories around the world. Their mission to provide information sourced by altruistic experts in every type of community.

    wikiHow uses Civic Login because they believe it will become increasingly important to its users — and likely most future internet users — to ensure that creating an account anywhere on the web is as easy, streamlined, and secure as possible. wikiHow is partnering with Civic because they believe in the long term goal of decentralizing identity. They hope to live in a future where people, not corporations, control their own personal information. 

    New wikiHow account creation is simplified by providing verified identity data with the Civic mobile app. Through Civic’s Secure Identity Platform wikiHow now provides greater assurance in the privacy of data transactions and greater trust in user identity. Civic helps ensure wikiHow accounts are created by the true owner of the identity data, and provides a better user experience, without weak passwords, password reset vulnerabilities, and the hassle of legacy two-factor authentication.

    To create a verified ID with Civic, wikiHow users must download the Civic mobile app and complete an Identity Validation Process. The simple, quick process verifies credentials to ensure ownership of the identity and establishes the required level of trust. The data is fully encrypted in the Civic app on users’ devices, not stored by Civic or wikiHow.

How It Works

Users arrive on the wikiHow landing page and see Civic as one of the login options.

Users scan a QR code using their Civic app.

From the Civic app, users authorize wikiHow to access their verified identity.

Identity verification in progress.

Login is successful.

User is logged in.

The Benefits of Decentralization for wikiHow

  • Lower liability

    Lower liability

    Decentralization of personal data lower risk of liability from data breaches or leaks.

  • Better data storage

    Better data storage

    Blockchain could be a solution in the future that drives the management, sharing, editing, and storage of content for wikiHow.

  • Better user experience

    Better user experience

    Civic Login is a streamlined, secure, and easy solution for wikiHow users.

  • More control for users

    More control for users

    The Civic App allows users to have control over their own personal data and share when needed.

Why Civic?

  • Easy


    With the Civic App, there is no need to remember another username and password.

  • Streamlined


    To create an account, there is no need to enter your email, phone number repeatedly. All you need is the Civic App on your phone.

  • Secure


    Civic allows people to share or revoke personal information at will.

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