#cryptobeer: Free Blockchain Bud

The first Anonymous Age Verification with Blockchain Attestations.

Prove that you are of legal drinking age with the Civic App.

Get a free Budweiser at Consensus on May 14, 15 & 16 in New York

Reusable KYC
Reusable KYC
Free Beer
Free Beer
Zero-Knowledge Age Check
Zero-Knowledge Age Check
#cryptobeer: Free Blockchain Bud

Featured Partners

  • Civic is another high-profile company working in this area, enabling users to share and manage their verified identity data via a blockchain.

  • We’re happy to offer Civic login to provide a better user experience for the 150 million people a month who visit wikiHow.

  • We are fanatical about user security and are happy to be able to provide further protection for our customer’s identities and financial assets from the growing trends of cyber fraud and identity theft.

The Benefits of Civic Architecture

  • No Proprietary Software or Infrastructure

    No Proprietary Software or Infrastructure

    Civic uses the public blockchain. This means that Identity Requesters do not have to invest a large amount of money to set up the technology infrastructure to support the Civic Secure Identity Platform solution.

  • Data Is Revocable

    Data Is Revocable

    Identity data is revocable by the authenticating authority. For example, if a user changes their last name, then the former/invalid last name data is revoked on the blockchain by the authenticating authority.

  • Civic Never Stores Member Data

    Civic Never Stores Member Data

    Identity data is encrypted and stored in the Civic App on User mobile devices.

  • Globally Protected

    Globally Protected

    With third-party authenticated identity data, Civic cannot be compelled by a foreign government or criminal organization to invalidate identity data.

  • Globally Compatible

    Globally Compatible

    Users store and share their own identity anywhere in the world. Their data is accessible anywhere in the US, Europe, Africa, or Asia.

  • Next-Generation Security

    Next-Generation Security

    Civic uses the power of the blockchain to ensure the highest quality privacy and security for your business.

Get verified now!

This is the first application of zero-knowledge proofs via the Civic app and run with blockchain attestations. You verify your ID within the app and only use the absolute minimum information required to get the free beer. 

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