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The Civic Roadmap


Q3 2017 - Civic Partner Network Established

  • Integration work with the first group of partner sites begins
  • wikiHow signup and login integrations completed
  • First smart contracts built to support the Marketplace and tested on the RootStock testnet

Q4 2017 - Marketplace Alpha Phase

  • Select providers with existing identity verification capabilities are available directly through Civic
  • Partners can transact with test CVC as payment for verification services
  • Civic provides new KYC services including document verification, launching with BitGo’s Royal Mint Gold Wallets
  • Civic can validate identities in exchange for CVC on the RootStock testnet
  • WordPress plugin becomes available to the developer community
  • Rollout of Civic Community Developer Program

Q1 2018 - Beta v.1

  • Partners can transact with CVC as payment for verification services
  • Select identity providers can operate independently on the network
  • Select identity providers offer own validation services within the Civic ecosystem
  • Civic expands app functionality to include generalized KYC services based on provider capabilities
  • Reusable Know Your Customer (KYC) available

Q2 2018 - Beta v.2

  • Enrollment of identity providers allows any Civic-vetted organization to begin attesting to data
  • Liveness test available via the Civic mobile app
  • Anonymous Proof of Age for beer vending machine
  • Enrolled partners can use fiat currency balances to transact on
  • Moved to Q3 2018
  • integration SDKs publicly available
  • Moved to Q4 2018

Q3 2018 - Full Production Release of

  • open to all participants
  • Moved to Q4 2018
  • Civic Marketplace Becomes
  • MVP SDK available for select Identity Validators & Identity Requestors on
  • Smart Contracts are available
  • Enrolled partners can use fiat currency balances to transact on

Q4 2018 - Open Source Launched

  • All participants can submit orders in CVC / USD on
  • Moved to Q2 2019
  • open to all participants
  • SDK available for

Q1 2019 - Growth

  • Demand Generation and expansion for Requesters & Validators

Q2 2019 - Fully Operational

  • All participants can submit orders in CVC / Fiat on

Disclaimer: All roadmap timelines are subject to change due to business requirements.

Civic’s ecosystem reduces the overall costs and burden of IDV-related diligence, including KYC checks, while simultaneously enhancing security and privacy, thereby improving the user experience and disrupting the current market for such services.

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