What is Civic Pass?

A Civic Pass is a type of Soulbound token, which is a non-transferable token that attests to a specific aspect of a person’s identity on-chain. By issuing Civic Passes to their users, dApps may take more control over which wallets are allowed to use their services. Civic Pass is both on-chain and private for the user. With Civic Pass, user access management is finally available at the smart-contract level.


Does Civic Pass have cross-chain capabilities?

Civic Pass supports multiple chains including Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and Casper. More chains are being added continuously.


What types of verifications are available with Civic Pass?

With Civic Pass, a dApp can build any combination of verifiable credentials to serve as inputs to its compliance program:

  • Identity verification. Verifies a user’s real-world identity using government-issued ID documents.
  • Age verification. Ensures users meet the stated age criteria prior to ungating access to a platform or community.
  • Liveness verification. A video selfie to determine whether user is a human or a bot.
  • Captcha verification. A user-interpreted input that determines whether user is a human or a bot.
  • Location check. Ensures IP address is accurate and assesses whether a VPN is being used.
  • Banned countries check. Checks against OFAC list.

How can Civic Pass be integrated into my dApp?

When you add permissioning to your dApp with Civic Pass, you’re adding a new identity layer that gives you more control over your platform, be it an NFT mint or marketplace, a metaverse, or any other project you might come up with.

Depending on your use case, there are two ways you can integrate Civic Pass into your dApp: by using our turnkey integration or integrating directly via the Civic Pass Customer API.

Turnkey Integration

Integrate one library into your UI and one library into your smart contract. Let Civic take care of everything:

  • Civic collects the user’s data.
  • Civic verifies the user’s data.
  • Civic issues and manages the user’s Civic Pass.
  • (Optional) Civic gives you access to the user’s data if compliance requires you to store it.

API Integration

Integrate directly with the Civic Customer API in order to issue non-transferable passes to users’ wallets who have met your requirements.

  • You collect the user’s data.
  • You verify the user’s data.
  • You call the Civic Customer API to trigger the issuance and manage the user’s Civic Pass.

Where can I demo Civic Pass?

It’s easy to connect a wallet and experience the user flow for issuing a Civic Pass on Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Of course, Civic Pass may be used to verify many types of information that can be integrated into your broader programs. The Demo portal is an example of a turnkey integration where Civic issues and manages the user’s Civic Pass. Please use the dropdown to select the verification type.

How do I get started with the Civic Pass integration?

After testing out the user flow, dApps can select their chain of choice and use the developer docs for guidance.

How do I get production access to Civic Pass Customer API?

For production access, please contact us.