Update on Health Key by Civic™


Today, Civic announced news that it is integrating with Solana blockchain. We were founded on the belief that everyone should have more control, access and privacy when it comes to their personal data. With the visionary, lightning fast, scalable Solana platform, we believe we finally have the opportunity to make identity work the way it should, as a cornerstone of blockchain infrastructure. For us, this means giving consumers an upgraded experience across the board.

As a startup, and as with any good business, we make progress by prioritizing our resources. For Civic, prioritizing the Solana integration means making a trade-off with another workstream. That’s why we’ve made the tough call to halt the development of our Covid-19 vaccination projects, and today we’re bittersweet to announce that we are sunsetting Health Key by Civic™.

Last summer, when we announced Health Key by Civic™, the path forward in getting the world back to work, school and daily life was unclear. Now, as the vaccine continues to roll out and variant strains develop, the way forward has continued to unfold through large, established companies and trade associations that have stepped in to fill the void. While we still know there’s a need and desire for privacy and protection when it comes to sensitive personal data, we believe that Civic’s strengths and competitive advantages will fare better in another industry. And, with the underlying power of the Solana blockchain driving our technology, we believe that Civic will be better positioned to serve  as a gateway to the next wave of financial products.

So, as we bid adieu to our Health Key by Civic™ solution, we are proud to stand firmly with our new direction, which we believe will take Civic and identity verification to an even greater future.