Staking CVCs: Self-Governance Under the Token Behavior Model

Civic Team

Civic Team

Staking CVCs: Token Behavior Model

Requestor Validator chart

As we approach the end of Q1, we are able to share more exciting news about the latest Marketplace developments.

After kicking off the first-ever CVC powered Know Your Customer (KYC) service in partnership with Votem, our team has another major milestone to communicate: the Summary of our soon to be published Token Behavior Model.

The Token Behavior Model expands on the original Civic white paper and outlines how we designed Marketplace with a framework for self-governance in mind.

This framework ensures that Validators (trustworthy Identity Verification Providers) and Requesters (entities seeking to verify the information about a given User) have the incentives to behave correctly without the need for central authorities to govern the relationship.

The staking mechanism is geared towards improving the fidelity and quality of the network. Everyone interested in finding more information about Token Behavior Model can read the summary here.

The detailed document will be undergoing review prior to being released.

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