Now, Consumers and Small Businesses Can Manage Proof of Testing and Vaccination


Now that the United States is a few weeks into deploying the COVID-19 vaccine, many frontline workers have received at least their first round of shots, along with a digital medical record documenting this, or vaccination record card provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The digital records and vaccine cards include medical information, including the manufacturer and date of administration.

As plans are unveiled for further vaccine distribution, a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel has begun to emerge, and planning for a “new normal” is underway. Businesses and governments are in the process of rethinking how they will manage social interactions throughout daily life. With part of the population vaccinated, occupancy limits will change and travel restrictions will be revamped, creating new opportunities to slow the spread of the virus and simultaneously expand in-person contact. 

COVID Health Key by Civic™ offers the most secure, most private and most compliant way to maintain safe spaces by securely verifying proof of vaccination status. We’ve designed our technology to allow for a more inclusive approach to rebuilding. With Health Key, individuals keep control over their personal information by using digital identity from the industry’s leading innovator. No personal data is stored or entered into any requestor’s database. 

Now, Civic is expanding its ability to help more organizations by providing small businesses and ad-hoc networks with the ability to create safe environments around the world — all without maintaining personally identifiable information or compromising the privacy of their patrons.

Consumers and small businesses may begin using COVID Health Key by Civic™ in Spring 2021 as a stand-alone, self-serve solution. Restaurants, gyms, daycares and more have struggled to resume business with mandates for low occupancy rates. Health Key helps enable the loosening of constraints in a safe and easy-to-use way. For customers, using Health Key means simply linking their digital medical records or uploading their vaccine card and self-attesting the document’s accuracy in the app.

For larger organizations, we’re offering a previously announced version of COVID Health Key by Civic™ that streamlines the management of entry points. This product helps organizations confirm that an individual has received a test result or vaccine, and that local entry point regulations have been followed. Civic links the medical record on the back end, for seamless review by the individual and receipt by requestors.

Civic is also building government solutions, available worldwide with the exception of a few sanctioned countries. Customized solutions can be linked to national healthcare systems, identity cards, passports and customs requirements. Health Key by Civic™ is a real-life application of our patented digital identity system. It’s also compliant with international GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations. 

Interested in finding out if Health Key by Civic™ is right for you? Get in touch with our team.