New Integration Portal Feature: Team Management

Civic Team

Civic Team

New Integration Portal Feature: Team Management

The Integration Portal is the central point where developers can register their applications and receive access to use the Civic APIs. The first step in integrating with Civic and using the Secure Identity Platform (SIP) libraries is to create an account on

This is easily done with a Civic Secure ID via the mobile application. Once users log in and create the Company and the Application, they can build the integration in Test Mode. Once they are happy with the tests, they can request an upgrade to Live Mode.

Up until now, this was all done by a single developer. We understand that developer teams are larger and require more than one person to have access to the Civic Integration Portal, so we have created the Team Management feature, where multiple developers can work on the same Company and on the same Application.

Team Management User Roles

Teams using the Civic SIP integration can be split into three categories, with different permission levels, reflected in the Roles Chart:

Civic Team Management roles


The user who first registers the Company in the Integration Portal is automatically granted the Owner role. Owners have full access to modify and deploy at Company and Application level. As an account Owner on the Civic Integration Portal, you have full control over:

  • Team Membership and Roles (New Feature)

Team management dashboard

  • Company information & Primary Contact information (Updated Feature)

Company Settings

  • Applications in Test and Live Modes, conversion from one mode to the other


Administrators are team members that have decision making powers to push Applications from Test to Live mode. They have to be invited by Owners and have full access at the Application level. They don’t have access to Company level changes and cannot invite new team members.

They have full control over:

  • Applications in Test and Live Modes, conversion from one mode to the other

Edit App screen


Developers are team members that have the rights to access and integrate Test Mode applications and work with Administrators and Owners to push Applications to Live Mode.

They can request Application upgrades from Test Mode to Live Mode, but can’t move an application to Live Mode on their own. Developers also cannot modify Company or Contact information.

Attention! Once Administrator and Developer Team Members decide to leave, they will cease to have access to the Company account and will have to be re-invited by Owners.

Leave the team

Looking forward to having more multi-user teams using the Civic integration for their applications.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we release new features.

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