Hey Austin, Come Meet the Civic Team at SXSW

Civic Team

Civic Team

This year, we’re in Austin for the SXSW Trade Show. From March 10 to March 13, we’re showcasing forward-thinking technologies that will impact how we engage with the world.

During the Trade Show, you can find Civic at the “Future of Mobility” Pavilion (Exhibit Hall 2, Booth 1537). We will demonstrate how combining identity and payment in a single transaction simplifies the identity verification process and creates automated retail opportunities, like vending machines. At our booth, people will be able to prove they are over 21 and pay for a beverage in a single transaction. This is possible using a Civic App and smart vending machines. No physical ID check required!

We love the idea of vending machines for a couple of reasons. First, vending machines help people conceptualize how a digital identity can be used in the real world. Proving you’re over 21 is simple and straightforward on your phone, without needing to share excess information. Plus, it opens up the entire age-gated product market. Without a digital identity, it is incredibly difficult to offer age-gated products through automated retail.  At a baseball game, many people drink beer. There are usually long lines, and people are simply waiting for a person to pull a can from a refrigerator. A beer vending machine with identity verification capabilities solves this challenge, making it possible to verify that people are over 21 from their mobile device.

Second, vending machines are the perfect way to show how identity and payment work together and provide a window into the future of automated retail solutions. The vending machine market is evolving. These machines are no longer just for snacks and soda. Now vending machines sell everything, from electronics to medicine to souvenirs. Automated retail is convenient and an opportunity to sell products with the overhead of a storefront. Adding identity verification into this mix opens up an entire market of age-restricted products and vending opportunities.  

We love the idea of vending machines so much that we are partnering with some of the best vending manufacturers to make the next generation of automated retail solutions available for purchase.

Don’t wait to pre-order your vending machine today!

It’s no secret that mobile innovation has turned our world upside down. At Civic, we’re leveraging new technology to ensure that identity verification is always simple, straightforward, and most importantly secure. By combining identity with payment, we’re looking to expand mobile payments beyond everyday transactions. Every time people pay for goods and services, the seller must verify identity. More specialized types of products require higher standards. Think about transactions where you need to prove your identity with additional documentation, like buying alcohol, checking into a hotel, or renting a car. Combining identity and payment is another step towards simplifying the identity verification process.

We’re excited to debut this technology at SXSW. Please stop by Booth 1537 from March 10 through March 13 to say hi to the Civic Team, see how our identity verification technology works first-hand, and get a free beer (if you’re over 21, of course).

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