Introducing Civic Connect: Making seamless app-to-app identity verification a reality

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How many times have you reset a password in the past week? Well, we have good news, Civic has a solution to your username and password woes with the added bonus of enhanced privacy and security.

There are now over 6 million apps, all of which require some level of authentication. Whether you log in with Facebook or Google or use a unique username and password, our lives are increasingly linked to apps and online experiences. Being more connected online, while convenient, also comes with increased privacy and security concerns, not to mention the need to remember countless passwords.

Civic Connect, the new app-to-app integration, is simply a better solution. With Civic Connect, any mobile app can integrate Civic Secure Login and Reusable Know Your Customer (KYC) to authenticate users. This means that over 6 million apps can now integrate secure identity verification that mitigates issues of identity hacks and theft. And, an added bonus, using Civic for identity verification is reusable. Once you get verified and create your Civic ID, you can use that ID in any app that supports Civic Connect.

How Civic Connect Works

App developers can now leverage the power of the Civic Secure Identity Platform within mobile applications. They can now add secure 2-factor authentication (2FA), anonymous private 2FA, and onboard verified users in customized flows that streamline the experience without sacrificing security or compliance.

The Civic identity verification process only verifies the user once and allows them to reuse their verified identity within all apps that have integrated Civic’s app-to-app connection. Data is only stored locally and all data sharing is done with explicit user permission. When a user opens up an app with Civic Connect, they will see a Connect with Civic button.

When the user elects to connect with Civic, the Civic App will automatically open and allow the user to authorize the sharing of their data. A user will go through the verification flow in less time than it takes to forget a password. KYC in mobile applications has never been easier.

Our First Use Case

Dentacoin implemented Civic identity verification solutions earlier this year for DentaVox, an incentive-based market research platform, and Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, collecting genuine patient feedback.

Now, Dentacoin will implement Civic Connect to provide secure identity verification for the Dentacare Health Training app, developed by the Netherlands-based Dentacoin foundation. With the first blockchain solutions for the global dental industry,  the app rewards users for establishing healthy dental habits by rewarding users who maintain proper dental care with Dentacoin tokens. Similar to many mobile apps, it is critical for Dentacoin to ensure that they’re encouraging and rewarding real people, not fake accounts or robots. By using Civic Connect to anonymously establish the identity of Dentacoin users, Civic helps ensure that only real people are taking advantage of Dentacoin rewards.

“We implemented Civic into the user verification process on DentaVox and Trusted Reviews earlier this year, which has helped us tremendously ever since to ensure that real users with verified identities have access to our tools and can, therefore, earn and use the currency distributed within. Implementing the KYC on all the tools now, including Dentacare this time, will allow us to perfect this mechanism,” explains Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin.

What makes Civic Different?

The Civic Secure Identity Platform is uniquely built to provide people with a digital identity that they control, not companies. This is achieved through a few simple features:

  • Fully encrypted identity data that can only be accessed and shared with biometrics.
  • Keys are generated by a third-party wallet, providing a firewall, or an extra layer of protection between Civic and users’ keys.
  • Liveness testing, captured during ID verification, to ensure the person is real and not a Facebook photo or a Youtube video.
  • Selfie extraction from the liveness testing and comparison when verifying documents to ensure the document’s real owner is being verified.
  • Public identifier for the authenticating authority, hashed identity data, and a flag indicating the data is still valid.
  • Document optical character recognition (OCR) information extraction for high-speed onboarding.

The Developer Details

This is the first release of Civic Connect app-to-app libraries for both Android and iOS. The libraries allow a partner app to have a “Connect with Civic” button in their app. The library will launch the Civic App to verify and authorize user credentials and then provide a way for the partner app to obtain the authorized credentials. Developers will also have the option to design a user flow of their choice.

This release consists of two public repositories containing the library source, a sample app, and documentation. In addition, the pre-built binaries for the libraries are available for the respective platforms. In order to use this library, developers will need to register on the Integration Portal.

Civic Connect is an Android library that is used to integrate to Civic’s Secure Identity Platform (SIP) and to the Civic Secure Identity Android App. It enables app developers to ask users permission to share verified personal information in a secure and compliant way.

The Civic Connect iOS library enables app developers to integrate the Civic Secure Identity iOS app and the Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP). The library provides a Civic styled button that can be customized for your needs, or you can initiate the flow using your own style guide.

Requirements: iOS 8.0+; Xcode 8.3+; Swift 3.1+. Civic Connect is available through CocoaPods. This library is supported for both Objective-C and Swift.

Developers interested in integrating this new feature can check out the Civic Connect code on Github (Android, iOS), where it is released open source under an MIT license.

Everyone on the Civic team is looking forward to welcoming new applications to a world where identity verification is easy, fast, accessible and human.