ICYMI: Health Key by Civic at the UNWTO Forum

Nancy Li

Nancy Li

Skip to 1:25:36 to see Civic’s presentation.

Recently, our CEO, Vinny Lingham, joined a forum hosted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to present an overview of Health Key by Civic™. The forum, called “Tourism Tech Adventures on Aviation Technologies,” showcased the best ways to jumpstart the tourism industry as the world evaluates safe reopenings. The UNWTO was founded to cultivate modern tourism, which is closely linked to socio-economic progress around the world. 

Health Key by Civic offers one way to provide safe passage abroad. The solution can help travelers keep their identity and health information private, while allowing organizations to create safe spaces on airplanes, in hotels, and at large gatherings. It is built to comply with international GDPR and CCPA and other data privacy regulations.

For travelers, providing health status verification to gatekeepers is as easy as getting a vaccine from a qualified partner and then setting up Health Key by Civic in our Civic Wallet app. When a user signs up, they are authenticated as a real person, using both AI and blockchain-based technology. Civic does not take custody of personal data or medical records. 

For businesses, Health Key by Civic streamlines the management of entry points. This is critical because there are complicated logistics that the industry will need to navigate. First, there are many vaccines currently undergoing testing with varying efficacy rates. Second, there are 172 economies collaborating on distribution. This means that countries and organizations will need to confirm that an individual has received a vaccine, whether the vaccine received is effective, and which local entry point regulations must be followed around the world. It’s a problem that may be solved with thoughtful technology.

While we’ve been working hard to provide the right kind of technology solutions, we also know that collaboration on health status verification is essential. Civic partnered with Circle Medical to supply testing for interested San Francisco Bay Area companies. Additional regional testing partners will be coming online to support customers in other locales. Together, we seek to give individuals control over their own credentials and facilitate economic rebuilding.

And, along with collaborating in the medical and international communities, Civic has been making progress on other fronts. Recently, we’ve been working with California lawmakers on a bill that will provide privacy-oriented guidelines for proof-of-health technology.

To learn more about proof-of-health and the travel industry, we invite you to watch the UNWTO forum and check out Health Key by Civic.

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