How to Share the Civic Wallet with Your Network


We’re thrilled at the overwhelming interest we’ve received since we launched the Civic Wallet referral campaign a few weeks ago. 

The race has just started for the top referrers – and there’s still time to get involved and win! Remember, only the top 100,000 will earn rewards so it doesn’t pay to wait. Not to mention, we will give early access to the Wallet goes to those who are on the waitlist. Keep those referrals coming for your chance to earn up to 25,000 CVCs and to be one of the first to get a first peek at the Civic Wallet. There are over 92.5M CVC tokens available for our reward campaign.

What’s Civic Wallet all about? 

Civic Wallet is the next generation crypto wallet.  Our wallet app will offer a more convenient, flexible alternative to other wallets in the marketplace. Civic Wallet combines your identity information, money, and crypto on your device to enable you to transact everywhere privately, securely, and conveniently. The app offers the power to buy, sell and spend different types of cryptocurrency, leveraging the latest payment technology right from your mobile device.

There are three defining features that make our wallet stand out: 

  • Advanced ID verification: we use face comparison and government-issued ID document verification to make sure the person being verified is really who they say they are.
  • Privacy-first approach: we’ll only share personal identity information that’s needed to complete the transaction – nothing more. 
  • Identity and payment combined: use Civic Wallet to pay and/or prove your identity to access an age-restricted product or be verified for a financial service. We’ll protect your sensitive information in the process. 

Get your family and friends on the waitlist for Civic Wallet

How can you refer your friends and family? First and foremost, make sure you’re on the waitlist. By signing up, you’ll get a referral link you can use to spread the word about Civic Wallet. 

Then, share your referral link near and far: on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, through email, or simply by texting it to all your friends. Use the hashtag #CivicWallet to help us build the buzz around our fall release. 

When you share the waitlist with your friends, they can also sign up and move up the ranks by referring their own network. Eligible users will be rewarded based on the total number of referrals that download the new Civic Wallet app and verify their identities by the end of fall.

Remember, there are some great rewards up for grabs. Only the top 100,000 referrers based on activated users are eligible for rewards. Here’s what else you can earn: 

  • Top 100,000 referrers earn at least 500 CVCs
  • Top 25,000 referrers earn at least 1,000 CVCs
  • The first 5,000 people that rank highest according to their activated referral count become eligible for 5,000 CVCs each.
  • The top 500 people with the most active users at the end of the campaign become eligible for 25,000 CVCs each!

Those who get on the waitlist sooner also enjoy earlier access to the app when it launches. It’s not too late to become a top referrer! 

Become a part of the next-generation payment and identity network and help us spread the word when #CivicWallet launches this fall. 

* As usual, this campaign is not aimed at or available for US residents or citizens. There is also a list of countries not eligible for rewards. See our FAQ for more details.