How to send crypto to friends using Civic Wallet


We used to send long letters by airmail to keep in touch with friends overseas. Today, we stay connected electronically with free messaging that takes just an instant to send. While the tools we use to stay in touch have evolved over time, other ways such as the process of sending gifts, can still be an expensive, slow process.

Now, an easy new option for sending a gift to keep in touch recently became available with Civic Wallet. You may now send small virtual gifts to friends and family in the form of crypto. The process is fast, so compared to other methods of sending money, or even shipping something physical, gift-giving with crypto has become a much easier option. Whether your friends use Civic Wallet or another digital wallet, sending and receiving crypto is nearly instant. 

On top of this, the crypto you hold in Civic Wallet is protected by a $1 Million Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee (full terms & conditions). If your friends are receiving money via Civic Wallet, they are also covered by the guarantee.

How to send crypto from your Civic Wallet to a friend’s Civic Wallet

There are two ways to send funds to a friend who is receiving it via Civic Wallet:

By username

Select the digital currency you’d like to send. Tap the Send icon and enter your friend’s username. Once you locate the username, enter the payment amount, and press Confirm & Send.

By QR code

The second way to send crypto works if you are physically in the same room as the recipient.

  1. Your friend begins by selecting the currency they’d like to receive in their wallet and tapping the Receive icon to generate a QR code on the next screen.
  2. Open your Civic Wallet, tap the green Scan button on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scan your friend’s QR code using your phone, and enter the payment amount.

How to send crypto from your Civic Wallet to a friend outside of the Civic network

The last way to send currency is directly to an address, which varies by currency type. 

By receiving address

  1. Your friend should begin by opening their digital wallet and locating their receiving address. From here, your friend should copy the receiving address and text it to you.
  2. Next, open your Civic Wallet and tap the Send icon for the crypto you’d like to send. Paste in the receiving address, enter the payment amount, and press Confirm & Send.

Get started in the Google Play Store or App Store if you haven’t downloaded the wallet yet. Then, visit our Help Center to learn more about sending crypto around the world.