Cryptocurrency Goes Social as Partners with Civic

Civic Team

Civic Team

There’s a lot happening at Civic these days.

Today, we announce our partnership with, a company whose mission is right up our alley. Hilo is an inclusive crypto-community and social network for keeping up to date on cryptocurrency-related news, public sentiment, and technical developments. It aims to be a platform where beginners and experts alike can share information and also follow friends and influencers.

Learning about cryptocurrency should be a shared experience. While we have a long way to go when it comes to reducing the barriers to access to this world, having a user-friendly resource for those interested in learning is an important first step. Our hope is that Hilo drives wider recognition of blockchain’s many potential use cases and, subsequently, wider adoption of cryptocurrency.

Civic will help enable secure sign-on and reusable Know Your Customer (KYC) across Hilo’s platform. This will help Hilo authenticate and verify real users, preventing bad actors from creating fake accounts. This partnership will enable more trust and transparency within the community and around cryptocurrency discussions.

Stay tuned as we’ll be doing more with Hilo over the coming weeks!

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