Great Showcase of the Civic Implementation Guide by MedCredits

Civic Team

Civic Team

Civic has partnered with MedCredits to verify the identity of physicians who want to be listed in their public physician directory. They wrote a great guide for deploying Civic to verify the identity of users once their service is launched.

They leveraged our Implementation Guide to enable identity and credentials verification of new member physicians to the MedCredits directory. MedCredits is building a decentralized, public registry of physicians, where doctors can list themselves after having their identity and medical credentials verified.

When a physician signs up to be registered with the MedCredits registry, they must first download the Civic app on their mobile device. Then they submit a government-issued ID through the Civic app to verify their identity and establish ownership of their medical credentials. Once this is done, they can begin working with MedCredits.

Find out how it works and how MedCredits will integrate Civic in their physician vetting process by checking out their blog post. Civic’s secure, encrypted identity verification process will ensure the MedCredits user is a physician and is the actual owner of the medical credentialing documents they submit.

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