Users and Developers: Get Help Faster with Civic’s New Help Center

Anna Aubuchon

Anna Aubuchon

Get help faster with our new Help Center

As we grow, we want to make sure that our users get the most out of the Civic App and that all functionalities are easy to use. We also want to help our users find answers quickly and effectively for the big questions that may come up while using the Civic App to log in, sign up or go through a KYC process.

That’s why today we are launching the Civic Help Center. Visit and find out more on how to best use our app functionalities, how to work with our APIs, add the Civic Sign On / Login button to your website and much more.

For everyone

Find out what Civic is and how the App works:

For Users

Check out the most frequent questions and issues you may encounter while using our Secure Identity Mobile App:

For Developers

Get more information on how to work with our Integration PortalDeveloper Program, and the WordPress Plugin:

We hope this will improve your experience with the Civic applications and we welcome any feedback or questions you may have that we have not yet included in the Help Center.

Remember, if you are unable to get help here, you can always reach out to our Support team!

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