Finally, a Crypto Wallet You Can Trust


Attention HODLers: Civic Wallet is going the extra mile for you.

At Civic, we’re focused on giving people more control over their digital currency and identity. With the economic uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, it’s no surprise that we’re committed to bringing even more value to the people who use our services.

We recently announced that Civic Wallet was the first and only non-custodial crypto wallet to offer a $1 million (USD) digital currency guarantee provided by Coincover and insured by Lloyd’s of London underwriters. The Coincover Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee covers Civic Wallet customer holdings up to a value of $1 million per wallet. Full terms and conditions apply.

We’re quite excited about this partnership because people everywhere are taking note of fluctuating markets, rising unemployment and government stabilization efforts. At a time when people are worried about losing money, we’re providing a guarantee for Civic Wallet that will offer more peace of mind. If something were to happen to Civic, the Guarantee will provide an alternate way to access and recover your funds. The protection comes automatically with sign-up.

As using cryptocurrency gains popularity, we expect that this service will be popular with people who are new to digital currency, and especially those who fear they might not recover money in a worst-case scenario event. Even if you are familiar with crypto, as many of you are, you may have stories of your own about lost seed phrases, companies that went out of business or even unrecoverable funds from the early days of crypto. With Civic Wallet, there are no seed phrases to remember and private keys are stored using multisig technology. This means that if you accidentally lose your phone, your money may still be recoverable. And now, by partnering with Coincover, we’re going a step further in addressing the needs of our consumers with a first-of-its-kind Guarantee.

Civic Wallet is currently in private beta, and we are continuing to invite pre-registered users in a phased rollout. As people transact, we are improving, adjusting and making our app even easier to use. Don’t worry if you haven’t received your access code yet — it’s coming! 

We can’t wait to have you check out the Civic Wallet. It offers a safe way for you to store and transact with digital currency. In the current version, you may onboard, store and buy digital currencies, including USDC, Bitcoin and Ethereum directly in the app.  You may also send crypto and money to friends and family easily with low fees via usernames or addresses to third party blockchain wallets. And, if you accidentally lose your phone digital wallet recovery is simple and intuitive.

We’ll be introducing new features, including easy referrals to friends around the world. In the meantime, you’re invited to join our Civic Wallet waitlist.